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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 New York, NY, USA

Neiman Marcus InCircle Member

Over the years, I’ve definitely learned the importance of utilizing points and member benefits. We do it for miles when we travel, so why not do it for other benefits when you shop? I’ve been so thrilled to have worked with Neiman Marcus a lot this year and share with you guys all the amazing benefits that are available as an InCircle Member at Neiman Marcus. From complimentary two-day shipping, to perk cards, or attending exclusive events, it’s perfect for any frequent Neiman Marcus shopper. With the holidays right around the corner, I’ll definitely be going through my Christmas list in store or online. And in case you’re a bit stuck on what to get your loved ones for the holidays, check out the 2019 Christmas Book by Neiman Marcus for a bunch of incredible gift ideas.

You’ve seen me utilize my membership in a number of ways, and it’s all thanks to making the decision to become an InCircle member. As someone who does shop at the store a fair bit, it only made sense to see what perks and benefits I could have access to.

Some of my favorite InCircle benefits:
- Bonus Point Events (Circle 1+)
- Free 2-Day Online Shipping (Circle 2+)
- Invites to so many fun in-store events (Circle 1+)
- Perk Card: To be used towards alterations, in-store dining, salon, valet, etc. (Circle 3+)
- Free Gift Packaging (Perfect for the last-minute shopper/the holidays) (Circle 3+)
- InCircle Concierge to help make arrangements and travel plans for you. (Circle 4+)

There are so many added extras that can make your shopping a lot more beneficial and just that much more enjoyable as a Neiman Marcus InCircle member. You earn two InCircle points for virtually every dollar spent on credit card purchases. When you get 10,000 points, you get a $100-point card to shop with, and no merchandise exclusions! If you open a card and make a purchase that same day, you instantly get 5,000 points already so if you need any excuse to shop, or treat yourself to those shoes you’ve been eyeing, this is it! To find out more and see how to apply, please check out the link here. Credit is subject to approval!

In Collaboration with Neiman Marcus

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