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Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Month with Skinsei

Last month I filled out an online diagnostic and had my selfie analyzed from personalized skincare brand, Skinsei. I answered a bunch of questions about my skin, my lifestyle, diet, where I live, etc. and wondered how all of these actually related to my skin. As a New Yorker who is constantly on-the-go and always connected to my phone, it turns out my skin needed a lot more attention than I thought. 

After filling out my questionnaire, I received a custom skincare regimen with products that were specifically chosen for me based on the questions about my lifestyle and how it relates to my skin. I got my Complete kit (5 Products) and began using it right away. You can also just get the “Core Kit” which includes 3 instead of 5. First of all, I love how compact the sizing is, making it the perfect routine to travel with. For my lifestyle needs, I received: 
- Clear Victory No. 126: A gel cleanser that left my skin feeling extremely refreshed and helps minimize my breakouts because it helps with excess oils and daily grime. 
- All Toned Up No. 518: A toner that gives my pores that extra TLC. 
- In the Zone No. 351: A clarifying serum that helps maintain a balance in my skin. 
- Opening Act No. 351: this moisturizer absorbs quickly and helps strengthen my skin barrier that's slowly being broken down by the blue light on my phone. Did you know us New Yorkers spend 10+ hours on our digital devices daily? 
- Featherweight No. 817: I am obsessed with this smoothing gel. It leaves my skin feeling powdery smooth and I just can’t get enough of it. 

After using these products consistently for the past few weeks, I'm definitely loving this easy go-to regimen especially when I'm traveling or when I'm busy in the city! If you're interested in seeing what your skin says about you, click the link below and take 20% off your first order with my code ALYSSA20. in giving Skinsei a try, click the link below and take 20% off your first order with my code, “ALYSSA20”

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