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Sunday, October 27, 2019

F/W Favorites: The Sweater Edition

I am literally in a sweater 80% of the year. And I often get asked where my sweaters are from. My go to outfits are always sweatshirts with jeans or leggings with sneakers, or cozier knitted sweaters with skinny jeans and boots. I've already shared my favorite boots in my last blog post, so this one will round up a few of my current favorites.

After going through my wardrobe, it's essentially divided up into three categories: hoodies/sweatshirts, knits and turtlenecks, and designer sweaters. The last category is definitely not a necessary closet essential, but if you're looking for that one statement sweater that you know you'll get a lot of wear out of, then check out the last category for my favorite "designer" knits for Fall/Winter.

This is usually my go-to when I'm feeling lazier. For these styles, I also tend to shop the mens section because I go for that oversized fit. My favorite stores for sweatshirts and hoodies are Zara Mens and Kith. American Eagle has some super soft ones for lounging and Aritzia has great ones as well. I've rounded up some faves below:

Most of my knits are from Aritzia or H&M, and over the years, I've picked up a few pieces from brand collabs that are wardrobe staples for me. For higher priced knits, I would recommend waiting until a department store has sales or until the end of the season. But when you shop sale, make sure they're classic styles and you'll still love a year from now. Mango and & Other Stories have a great selection as well.

Definitely not necessary, but I've also succumbed to logo mania. If you're into a designer sweater or two, check out some sweaters that I've rounded up down below!

Hope you found some cute styles in this post!

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