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Monday, April 29, 2019

Comfortable Investments: Designer Shoes

It's no secret that I have an appreciation for designer pieces. But over the years, I've learned how to become more thoughtful and mindful of my purchases, trying to make sure that it's something I'll actually wear, can go with a lot of things in my closet, and most importantly, is comfortable to wear. My younger self was convinced that being a woman, I should wear heels, learn how to walk in them, etc. I got pairs of Christian Louboutin's and as stunning as they were, I hated wearing them. I've sold the three pairs I owned and haven't looked back. 

I can't wear heels (with the exception of a decent-height block heel, the only way I can keep my balance and stand at my dream height of 5'9" lol.) So as I get older and my style gets a bit more polished over time, I'm all about making sure it's comfortable first. With a simpler wardrobe and style like mine, accessories such as bags, shoes, and jewelry are where I can throw in a little extra something something. This spring, I'm lining up my favorites that are perfect for casual days, events, and won't mind walking around in for a while. I'm all about sneakers, mules, slides, and espadrilles.

Dior D-Dior Technical Mule ($950) / Gucci Princetown Loafer ($695) / Chanel Espadrilles ($725)

Chanel Slingbacks ($875) / Gucci Princetown Loafer ($695) / Chanel Espadrilles - Lambskin ($725)

I have to admit that I do proceed with caution when it comes to the "Designer Shoe" category because when you're spending that much money on something on your feet, you don't want to wear them down. While they are comfortable enough to wear every day, my everyday shoes are still sneakers and if an outfit needs a little extra something-something, that's when I reach for one of these. Hopefully this post provides some insight/help with shopping for shoes that are closet investments. If you have any specific questions with sizing, leave them down below!

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