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Friday, July 13, 2018

Corian Moodboard Maker

I've partnered up with Corian® Design to share with you guys this amazing tool when it comes to designing spaces. The beginning is always where I feel the most creative, it’s a blank canvas with endless possibilities. I love being able to play around with different materials and patterns and bring it all together to create a unique space. 

When it comes to my career in the world of fashion and social media, my space needed to be a representation of my style so I selected materials that made me happy and inspired me. Knowing that I would be spending a lot of time here, it needed to be my own. 

Thanks to Corian® Design’s Moodboard Maker, I was able to create this beautiful mosaic with all these different images and patterns to create one that perfectly fit my style. I played around with their different images and even uploaded some of my own to make that moodboard more me.

I chose very simple elements to represent my space, because that’s really what I gravitate towards. To punch things up a little bit, I have accents of gold and brass and really love to play around with textures while still staying in that light neutral family. 

The site is so easy to use. All you have to do is go to to and choose the style that best represents you. Then you can play around with different images to put into your mosaic from their preset photos. I selected “Sparkling White” and “Nero Soapstone” because I love the contrast of these materials with other textures. And because we all have our own individual style, you can upload your own images as well and tie it all together. It’s such a fun component when it comes to designing spaces, picking outfits, or even just to create an image that helps boost creativity no matter what you’re doing. 

Moodboards are so perfect for creative fields and I love how easy the Moodboard Maker makes it. Be sure to check it out and share what you create with me with #corianmoodboardmaker.

In Collaboration with Corian® Design

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