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Tuesday, April 24, 2018 New York, NY

WeWork: Make It Happen

Being your own boss comes with its pros and cons. I often find myself constantly trying to figure out ways to stay motivated in an industry where it's so easy to listen to everything around you, all this noise that may discourage you. I've been blogging for nearly 5 years now and I'm still figuring things out. But as the years have gone by, I've definitely learned a trick or two that helps me stay motivated, and one of the biggest things for me is my surroundings.
In the early years of blogging, it would be at school in an empty classroom. I'd sit in a coffee shop for hours and just try to get a ton of work done while drinking way too much caffeine for sure. Calling WeWork home the past few months has been incredible because not only have the spaces been beautiful, but it's inspiring to be surrounded by people that have put their ideas to life because they believed in it and are passionate about it.
How can you not be motivated when you're just surrounded by so many people that are literally hustling and making things happen? My blog started out as a hobby, and it has become my career, something that I never would have dreamed of if you said that to the version of me that was in college, drowning in projects and spending way too much on textbooks.

"A career out of social media? Yeah right." But with the time and effort that I put into my hobby, I realized that it was more than that. I loved every aspect of it and was so passionate about sharing all these ideas that I had with the world. That's the other thing that keeps me going, looking back and seeing how far I have come and how much more is ahead of me.

Drown out all the disbelievers with your success and making things happen. Ignore the eyerolls and "Yeah, okays" because you are your only limitation. If you think about all the successful things in this world, everything started out as an idea and it was made into reality with patience, hard work, and motivation.
If you're ever feeling stuck, maybe change your surroundings. Switch it up a little. Talk to other creatives and bounce ideas off one another. Inspiration is all around us and it can literally come from anything. I want to thank WeWork for giving me and my ideas a home, a place for them to come to life.

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