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Monday, February 12, 2018

When Are You Getting Married?

It's a question we've been asked a few times, it's a question we've wondered ourselves. Marco and I have been together for about seven years now, but we've known each other for even longer since we met when we were just little kids in the third grade. I'd say it's a fair question to ask. But if there's anything we've both learned from our relationship, patience is key and that good things do happen in time. The only answer we can give is 'one day,' because we do have a plan for our future and it's just a matter of certain things falling into place, reaching certain goals we've set for our relationship, etc.

Of course, I've thought about the ring. What girl wouldn't after being in a relationship this long? I've bounced between styles, cuts, sizes, talked with friends, etc. I've browsed around Pinterest, I've looked through the glass displays with hearts in my eyes, but as much as I gushed over it in the moment, nothing ever truly felt right until I was introduced to VOW by Vrai & Oro. 
I first found out about Vrai & Oro early last year with their jewelry collection that seemed to have the perfect selection of dainty jewelry. Then they launched VOW, their wedding collection full of stunning engagement rings and wedding bands. Not only was the style everything I had ever wanted, but I found out that their diamonds are from the Diamond Foundry

This diamond that you wear on your finger symbolizes something so beautiful, and to me, it's more than just something to flash around and post all over social media. It symbolizes that person asking you to share a life together, a promise, that after the time you've spent dating and getting to know each other, learning from each other, that you're ready to take that next step and make that commitment to each other.

I was never the type that wanted the big flashy ring with a lot of diamonds. From the beginning, I've wanted something simple and classic, etc. Of course, I also never wanted anything too expensive either, and that's why when I found out about VOW, it was pretty much everything I wanted and more. I had already been in touch with Vrai & Oro for their "Essentials" collection, wearing some of their other dainty rings on a daily basis, one was even a Christmas gift from Marco.

When they reached out about learning more about VOW, I was so thrilled because they were already on the top of my list when it came to rings. The more I learned, the more they stood out as the only option I would want for that special piece.
VOW's diamonds are from the Diamond Foundry. They're cartel and conflict free diamonds that are sustainably grown in California. Traditionally mined diamonds change hands too many times that sometimes you just never know where it's from. I had recently watched Blood Diamond with Marco and it was an eye-opening film for us, seeing how some diamonds are obtained and can be mixed into the market as "legitimate." Leonardo DiCaprio actually invested in the Diamond Foundry because he wanted to stand behind something that could help reduce the human and environmental toll of the diamond industry.

For more information on the Diamond Foundry and the process, please read more here
I am definitely someone who likes to make a proper decision and take my time. I like to think things over and really make sure that's the right choice for me. Another reason why I love VOW is their home try-on service, which is what you're seeing in the images. I selected three styles that I love and they were sent to me to try on for a week. Of course, these are mocks of the real rings, made of brass and cubic zirconia, but they're perfect to try on and really get a feel for what ring may be right for you. It's a $50 refundable deposit when your try-on box gets shipped back to V&O.
Communication has always been such an important part of our relationship, and although this is not something that may happen right now, that's okay. When the time is right for us, Marco knows where to go. Why not let your partner know directly rather than texting your friends or family to hint it back to them? We've always been very upfront with each other and I think that is such an important aspect in any relationship.

If you think you're at this stage in your relationship where you can have this conversation, I definitely recommend checking out VOW for several reasons. They have a beautiful selection of different styles and the diamonds from the Diamond Foundry are beautiful, sustainable, and guaranteed to be conflict free.

For more information on V&O, you can read more about it on their site here or check out my latest YouTube video with Marco down below. Thank you so much to everyone who have been with us from the beginning, those who have watched our relationship grow as freshmen college kids to where we are now. We're both very excited for the future ahead of us and don't worry guys, when it happens, you'll know.

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