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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The October Edit

October has been one of my busiest months yet and I apologize this blog hasn't been updated in so long! I really took my time off from writing here to really focus on my YouTube Channel when a majority of followers voted to more videos over blog posts. So what else has been up with me?

On a more personal level, as great as the past month has been work-wise, family wise, and relationship wise, I did notice more anxiety and stress that I was placing on myself. Health related stresses and I suppose my own added pressure really started to take a toll on my body and mental state. I started guided meditations a few weeks ago to get things under control because there's too much good stuff going on for me to stress over things not worth stressing over. I know I can never get my anxiety to completely go away, but I'm working to get through it.
In general, I've been sticking to the usual simple styles, lattes, and picked up a couple new additions to the collection here and there. I've been itching for that fall weather all month and it's finally cold enough for me to layer up! The feed has taken a warmer tone and I personally feel cozier with it. Been strategizing how to record and get my "HOW I EDIT" video up because I've gotten a lot of questions about that.

Currently on the to do list is continue to work on the room tour video. I'm extremely particular about the final cut so I'm making sure it's perfect before anything gets uploaded. I've got a small space but a lot of stuff so I'm trying to be as thorough as I can without boring you to death.
Been feeling the mini bags lately and added the Palm Springs Mini Backpack to the collection and was just sent the Mini Pierce bag by J.W. Anderson thanks to my Reebonz family. So excited to style these mini pieces into my wardrobe. An updated bag collection video will be coming your way as well. If you haven't already subscribed to my channel, you can do so here!
So where am I heading with the blog? I'm thinking of lumping together some looks and city guides! I often get asked about brunch spots, where to get coffee, places to shoot in the city so I think putting together a good set of references is the best way. The holidays are coming up so I'll work on some gift guides as well! But I want to know what you guys are interested in reading about. Let me know!

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