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Sunday, September 24, 2017 New York, NY

Why I Chose the iPhone 8

It seems like ever since the keynote, the question has been "iPhone 8 or X?" Since the announcement, I've had a lot of conversations with friends trying to figure out which one to go for. After a lot of thought, I decided on the iPhone 8+ this past Monday and it quickly arrived at my doorstep the day of the launch.

Going from an iPhone 7+ to an 8+ may not seem like much of a difference, but as someone whose career is based on mobility and constantly being on my phone, I'm one of those people that like to have a new phone every year. It's excessive, I know, so I try to make sure that I can justify the upgrade. Let's start with all the reasons why I chose the 8 Plus rather than the fancy new iPhone X that is to launch later this year:
  • The main reason why I didn't like the iPhone X is that dip in the screen. Visually, it just doesn't look good to me. How badly do I wish that was a straight top. Things to consider with this dipped screen: the interference in my images and videos on that top side.
  • The screen is taller, but it isn't wider. By this, I mean the ratio doesn't match up to existing screens. This may cause apps to look funny, and I'm just the type that loves a good rectangle screen. My opinion on this may change over time, but for now, I'm not with it.
  • I have T-Mobile and I'm on that iPhone Jump! Plan, meaning I can upgrade every year by paying the downpayment and then a $30 monthly installment on the phone. For the iPhone X at 256GB, I would have to drop a little over $500 to get the iPhone X, something I'm not really down with, especially for a phone I'm not even in love with.
  • The wait. I would have to pre-order the iPhone X at the end of October and potentially have to wait weeks, maybe months to get a phone that a lot of people are hyped about. Sure, I'm risking FOMO, but that brings me to my next point.
  • The iPhone X is the first of it's kind, edge to edge display, facial recognition. I anticipate glitches that will most likely be perfected with it's next generation, so this kind of helps with my fear of missing out.
  • I'm not comfortable with not having a home button. This may be weird, but I find comfort in having a button to press, even though my phone now isn't even really a button, just a haptic, but I do love my touch ID feature.
Now let's get to how I justified upgrading at all, going from my iPhone 7 Plus to an 8 Plus. Sure, the idea of just sticking to my phone crossed my mind, but clearly, the choice to get an 8 Plus won me over. With my plan, I paid $300 for the iPhone 8 Plus. The costs may vary depending on your carrier, so I just had to make sure the money I put down was worth the upgrade for me. Here's why:
  • I went from a 128GB phone to 256GB. Double the amount of storage I was working with. With the amount of photos, videos, and editing steps I take, it can take up a good amount of storage.
  • Aesthetics. I love how the glass back looks and feels, the phone is slightly heavier but I don't really notice.
  • Wireless charging feature comes in handy when I'm at a Starbucks and just want to set my phone down on one of those tables and I don't have a cable with me.
  • The 8 is faster and smarter than my previous phone. I'm gonna get all technical here with talks about their A11 'Bionic' chipset: Six core CPU, M11 motion coprocessor, etc.
  • This phone charges a lot faster than my 7 Plus, something that is great for someone that needs a quick surge of battery before being on the go.
So, if any of you were on the fence about going 8 or X, I hope this was somewhat helpful. Again, these are just my personal opinions and what works for me. I know the X will still do extremely well and the line for it will be really long. After a few days with my 8 Plus, I definitely am happy with my switch. Which one are you getting? See my favorite iPhone cases for the phones below.

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