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Monday, May 1, 2017 Miami, FL

Drowning Out Negativity

The past few years have taught me to have thicker skin. It has taught me how to ignore the voices of those who have nothing but bad things to say about other people, people who hold on to grudges, anger, say things out of jealousy, etc. Whether it's high school, college, office, or even just your peers, that kind of "high school drama" never really goes away. It's something that is inevitable, especially if you find success, love, and/or happiness. Imagine, finding all three?

Truth is, not everyone is going to be happy for you. There are going to be people that hope you fail and they're probably hoping their comments will creep under your skin. Have you let it? You can focus on yourself all you want, but you cannot control the way people feel about you, the way they see you, think of you. That's all up to them. This post is for anyone that has allowed someone else's unhappiness and negativity affect their mood, brought them down, or even reacted out of anger and then regretted it.

Trust me when I say that I've had my fair share of "reactions" to haters/bullies. Wanting to get back at someone who talks behind your back, resisting the urge to curse someone out because they're just flat out rude for no reason. It's human to just hit your limit sometimes and want to go off, call them out, put them on blast, etc. But let's face it, that doesn't stop it from ever happening again. Learning to ignore people is difficult, but when you find out how to filter the things that you allow into your head and the things you should just silence, life gets so much better.

So someone says something about you. Someone throws shade, does something petty, hates on you for just doing your own thing. Don't let it make you question yourself, what you're doing, and especially don't make you ask yourself if they're right. I know you all know the saying, "What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally." It's not a known saying because it holds no merit. It's something everyone has to keep in mind no matter what they're doing.

There are some things to remember if you find yourself feeling down because someone is being negative, bullying you, or just being a nasty person in general. I hope that these things help you drown out any negativity if things just easily get to you:

- They take time out of their day, to think of you, to say something to you, to make you feel some type of way.
- You've gotta be doing something right if someone doesn't mind spending time to follow up on what you're doing. Think of it as someone constantly creeping your social media accounts but doesn't even follow you... you're that important to them. Doesn't that make you feel nice?
- Not everyone knows how to handle their emotions. They could be going through something in their lives that they choose to handle it by lashing out on other people. Not fair, but it helps to try and understand why someone does the things that they do.
- Focus on what you're doing, how well things are going for you, and the goals you've got for yourself. Never let someone else take away how proud you are of your accomplishments. Own it. It's yours and you deserve every bit of that happiness.

It's not easy and it can definitely take time to just be able to brush things off and continue on with your life. It's okay to be sensitive and emotional, it's okay to admit certain things can just easily push your buttons. The best thing you can do is rise above the pettiness and focus on yourself. Be the bigger person and don't react to it. While someone else wants to spend their day thinking how to ruin your day, spend your day continuing to focus on your hustle, the things that make you happy, and surrounding yourself with people that actually love and care about you.

Feel free to share any stories on how you've overcome a "hater" or a bully and how you were able to move past it. Sending nothing but love and positive vibes your way. I hope that you guys found this post helpful. Until next time!

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