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Monday, March 27, 2017 Los Angeles, CA

Take the Trip | LA

I'll admit, that ever since Marco and I started dating, I always wanted to travel with him, experience different cities and countries with him, etc. Over the years, I've definitely loved being able to go on those adventures together but it's also important to still be able to travel even without your significant other. What I've loved about our relationship from the beginning is that we know when it's our time together and we know when we're just doing our own thing.

Maintaining your independence even within a relationship is so important; you don't need to always have your significant other with you when you're hanging out with friends, you shouldn't keep yourself from doing something just because your significant other can't or doesn't want to. If you have the opportunity to travel, experience something new, take advantage of it, and your significant other should want that for you. I loved traveling back to LA, and although Marco wasn't able to come on this trip, we'll experience Los Angeles together another time.

Exploring LA with my girlfriends was so much fun, and one of the best parts is having even more outfit choices because you get to borrow each other's clothes. (Thanks Vern for letting me borrow your jacket!) I can't wait for more trips with friends, but of course, I'm so excited to travel back to Europe with Marco again this summer. Doing things together is wonderful, but doing things on your own can be wonderful too.

Artizia Tee | CĂ©line Bag | Sorella Jacket | Bandier Leggings | Kenneth Cole Shoes | Ahlem Sunglasses
Captured by: Allysha Y.

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