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Monday, March 6, 2017

Planning + Packing for Trips

Traveling more was one of my top goals for the year. More traveling requires some tips and tricks to ensuring the most efficient way of packing! If you're here from my YouTube channel, welcome to my blog! I hope that this post helps clear up anything that may have been rushed in the video. If you're here as a frequent reader, be sure to check out my "Planning and Packing" video in addition to this post here! This is going to be a long one, so grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let's begin with the way I plan my travels.

My most recent trip was Los Angeles, California. It's been a while since I've been out to the West Coast so when the opportunity came up to travel with some girlfriends, I just couldn't say no. I used to believe that traveling was just for the super rich, but by saving up and just knowing where to look and when to book, it's definitely something that can be very affordable with the right timing. Figure out where you want to go, roughly how much it'll cost, and save little by little until you can make it happen.

I often check for flights through Google or Expedia, get updates and price alerts from Scott's Cheap Flights and Hopper. If you also plan to travel a lot, getting a credit card for travel is a great way to rack up points and book tickets for almost nothing!

So this is where I hope I don't lose you! I've gotten a lot of questions about my PowerPoints where I plan my outfits for a trip. This helps me figure out what to bring to avoid overpacking, making sure everything that I bring with me will get used and easily visualize how all of my pieces will look when they're all put together.

The next couple of images will be screenshots where I try to show you (roughly) how I create these Outfit PowerPoints. I am using PowerPoint for Mac just because it's easiest for me to create multiple pages and export into a PDF file.

Step 1: I start off with a blank page. Feel free to use whatever page size you prefer, I like to go with something a little bit wider.

Step 2:
I go to the INSERT tab to start creating my TEXT BOX.

Step 3: Create your TEXT BOX to start listing out what the outfit is and I also use this text box to later list the brand name and style of the exact pieces on the page.
Step 4: Switch out to your preferred browser and look for the piece you're planning to outfit. I knew I wanted to bring this Lovers + Friends top from Revolve to LA, so this was the first piece that I pasted onto this slide.
Step 5: Copy + Paste from the internet like you did for that one paper in college that you waited until the last minute to do.

Step 6: After pasting the image onto the slide, I begin to think of the other pieces that I'll want to wear with it. I decided on a black pair of skinny jeans. If I can't find the exact product, I'll look for something similar.
Step 7: To get a cleaner look where you can layer your images without a background, I use the REMOVE BACKGROUND tool in PowerPoint. Select the image you want to remove the background from and go to the PICTURE FORMAT tab.

Step 8: Select the REMOVE BACKGROUND button and you'll see the image suddenly turn into this purple/pink color.

Step 9: Drag the points of the square until the full image is the only thing that will not be removed. 

Step 10: Hit enter or select outside the box and you'll see that the background is gone. You can now layer this image over others .
Step 11: Repeat these steps until you have an arrangement that you're happy with and begin to go back into your text box (optional) if you want to list the items on the side.
Step 12: When I'm done with my outfits, everything pretty much looks like this:


I have a pretty good idea of the pieces in my closet so I can just think of them off the top of my head and built outfits on my computer screen. Once this is done, I will try on the outfits to make sure they work, go back and edit, make changes if I have to, until everything is finalized!

To see how I pack, check out my video. You'll see that for this trip, all of my clothing went into my Carry-On Suitcase with my other items such as make-up, laptop, camera, tech, and toiletries went into my other bag. Don't forget to utilize space by using the rolling method, packing bags, stuffing other items, etc. To see what my travel must haves are, keep on reading!



Thank you so much to Away for my smart suitcase! My carry-on is under the max carry-on size and also has charging capabilities. This is perfect for someone who is constantly on their phone. Waiting for my Uber or waiting at my gate with a dying phone is no longer an issue. Also check out some other great bags that I think are great for travel down below!


There are a couple things that are obvious, you know, tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, but there are some products that are must haves for me when I'm traveling. I'm talking about a travel straightener, curling iron, dry shampoo, perfume, moisturizer, sheet mask, etc. Check out my must haves below!


You want to be comfortable right? My go to travel outfit would be yoga pants, a hoodie, sneakers, a blanket scarf and a comfy coat or jacket that can double as a pillow on those flights. Don't forget to pack an extra pair of socks for the plane. The chunkier and cozier, the better. This is what those fuzzy socks are meant for. Bundle up, you know it gets a little nippy on the plane.

That's about it! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this post! I hope you all found this super helpful and informative. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message, leave in the comments below, and I'll try my best to answer them. Where are you heading next?

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