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Thursday, March 2, 2017 Brooklyn, NY

Motivation Reset

This time of the year is something I look forward to, warmer weather, keeping up with an organized schedule and workout routine, purging my closet, and just trying to get my motivation back up after a long winter. In this very moment, I'm stressed out. I'm feeling overwhelmed with work trying to play catch up. I've got a lot of posts that are long overdue and as I try to get my YouTube channel up and running with some consistency, I can't help but wish I could clone myself to get this work done.

When I'm feeling over-worked, stressed out, or just on that search for some extra motivation, there are some things that help me out. I know that it's also midterms for a lot of you so maybe this will help you out too:

1. Take a Nap. Don't overdo this to the point that you just end up sleeping for hours, but a 30 minute power-nap is a great way for me to reset.
2. Go outside. Fresh air helps me clear my head, especially when I begin to feel like I'm getting a headache from overworking myself.
3. Listen to you favorite playlist, dance it out, work out for a little bit. Exerting that kind of energy actually helps boost my energy rather than tire me out.
4. I take a break from the coffee. I find myself getting too dependent and then I crash afterwards. I like to get some bubble tea instead.
5. Take a step back, analyze, organize, and get ready to take on your tasks after a much needed reset.

Hopefully you'll find this helpful and best of luck to those of you that are taking midterms. It'll be over soon enough!

All Saints Coat | IRO Blouse | Aritzia Leggings | Steve Madden Boots
Chanel Bag | ZeroUV Sunglasses
Captured By: Marco P.

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