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Saturday, February 18, 2017 New York, NY

NYFW Pros + Cons

New York City always feels like it's been in an everlasting winter. By mid-February, I'm ready to get out of the city and go someplace sunnier and warmer. This time of the year means two things: really cold weather and New York Fashion Week. It's incredible how the fashion industry has allowed influencers to play such a huge role around this time of the year, for designers and brands to be genuinely interested in how we see them and how we choose to share them through our social media platforms. I'm so thankful and happy to be a part of it, but I must admit, it's not always a perfect and glamorous time of the year, especially in the winter. I wanted to share my perspective of New York Fashion Week, both the good and the bad. 

In no way is this post meant to dissuade or make anyone who lives for NYFW feel bad, it's to share with my readers what this time of the year has me feeling and thinking. Let's begin with the cons and then I'll be sharing with you all the good stuff that I love.


1. It's awful outside. This time of the year means snow, and lots of it in NYC. Living outside of Manhattan and getting to the city in a blizzard just isn't for me. If it's bad out, snow or heavy rain, I'm most likely staying home and binge-watching my TV shows. September NYFW is definitely more my speed and to be honest, the bipolar NYC weather had me sick for most of it.

2. The outfits that just don't make sense. Yes, they're showing Spring and Summer collections right now, but that doesn't mean you have to dress like it's not still winter out there. Winter came in full force, starting off Day 1 with a blizzard. My favorite looks from people who attend NYFW are those who dress for the weather but still look amazing. I love seeing people elevate their parkas and winter boots. Anyone who is taking baby steps in their high-heels in the snow/ice and trying to hop over the NYC slush, I just shake my head.

3. Not all the events are for me. The industry can be very cliquey. I know the people that I love to be around and sometimes, getting together at a restaurant laughing and catching up is just so much better than a NYFW party with groups who are just all about showing off the fact that they're at a party together. Yes, to an extent, it's what "bloggers" do but sometimes there are those that give off that "you can't sit with us" vibe and it's pretty hard to miss. I've felt left out at events before and I know I'm not immune to it even today. It's easy to feel like you just don't belong somewhere, but that's okay. You just need to know when to take yourself out of that kind of situation and surround yourself with the people you know you'll have a great time with.

4. There's so much pressure. What are you wearing? Who are you wearing? Is it designer? Is it new? Is it on trend? Don't feel pressured to go out and buy a ton of new things to wear or feel like you have to wear high end brands to events and shows. Yes, NYFW is about the fashion, but don't feel pressured to max out a credit card just because you need something different to wear to every show. Wear something you love, something that works for you, something that makes sense, and something that shows off your personal style. Don't try to fit into the mold that you think the industry expects of you. You were invited for a reason, what you've been doing got you here, so keep it up.

5. I'm not about the competition. In any industry, there's a level of competitiveness. I know the events that I want to go to, the shows I want to attend with friends, the people I want to hang out with, etc. Don't feel like you have to go to anything and everything because no one is counting who has been to the most shows and got invited to the best parties. Instagram becomes so over-saturated with these things, but once it's over, people carry on with their daily routine.


1. Seeing and meeting friends from all over. NYFW is the time of the year where people from all over get together to share their love and appreciation for fashion. It's a great opportunity to meet up with friends and people you follow and may not have ever met before. Online friends become genuine real life friends, people that actually want to get to know you for who you are and can joke around with. Not everything is about Instagram, it becomes a real life friendship that goes beyond social media.

2. Getting inspired. Whether you saw it on the runway in person, or you saw it online via slideshow, you get inspired by what designers are putting out there, by what people are wearing to the show. It's the time of the year to be inspired by creatives who put their heart and soul into a collection, an outfit, etc. I love seeing ways I can make existing pieces in my wardrobe work just by switching up what I pair things with.

3. You'll attend events that actually are for you. As I mentioned before, not all the events are for me. But then there are the events that do work, you have an amazing time, and you end up meeting some amazing people that turn into life-long friends. When you find yourself in an environment where you actually feel inspired by the people that surround you, that's where you're meant to be.

4. Working with brands and falling in love with them. It's a great time to discover new brands, designers, and retailers. I've loved being able to work with companies that genuinely want to build a relationship with influencers/bloggers that produce beautiful quality products. NYFW comes with the opportunity to work with new brands that end up becoming your new favorites.

5. It's absolutely exciting. As exhausting and as draining as the week can be, there's something about the entire environment that is just absolutely thrilling and exciting. There's so much happening that you can't help but feel special to be a part of it. I remember two years ago, getting my first invite to a fashion show, my first invite to a NYFW event and feeling so good about the work that I've created and that it got to the point where I was being recognized by the community.

Over the years, social media has become such a great platform to connect with people all over the world. To be able to instantly share your experience with NYFW is an incredible thing. And although there's some downside to it, everything has their cons, it's an amazing experience and you grow and learn so much from it every season. Now that it's over, I'm ready to escape to some warmer weather.

Forever 21 Coat | Zara Sweater | VS Leggings | Maje Boots | Gucci Bag | UO Beanie
Captured by: Marco P.

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