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Friday, January 27, 2017 Brooklyn, NY

Parka Weather

This winter has definitely been on the milder side, but for those days that it hits single digits with some harsh winds thrown into the mix, a parka is the way to go. It's time to stop thinking of parka jackets as bulky pieces of outerwear that you only put on when there's a blizzard outside. Paired with some athletic pants, boots, and crewneck, you've got yourself a perfect laid back winter look. Most importantly, you'll be warm while comfortable. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Canada Goose Parka | Acne Studios Sweater | PINK Leggings | Steve Madden Boots
Adidas Beanie | CĂ©line Sunglasses
Captured by: Marco P.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 New York, NY

A Blogger Bedroom

Committing to blogging full time means that a lot of work gets done from home. Whether I'm shooting, editing, writing, or recording, my space needs to be comfortable for both rest and work. Living in New York City, small spaces are inevitable, but the trick is knowing exactly how to maximize your space and make the most of it. Over the years, there have been some minor tweaks and changes, but I stay true to simple, clean, and bright vibes for my room.

My room is separated into sections: The open closet, my bed, my vanity, and of course, my desk. I definitely can't wait to move into my own house and hopefully have enough space to have an entire room as a dedicated office/workspace and closet room. I hope this space inspires you all, especially bloggers, to create a space you admire and feel inspired by at the same time!


I guess I'll have to thank years of working in retail for my visual displays. I've always loved the idea of an exposed clothing rack and using a bookcase for my bags and other accessories. I've used magazine stacks to prop up my purses and the shelving is a great way to store them as well. I don't have to worry about bags on top of each other, they've got their own space and it's so easy to just pick out and use. As for the clothing rack, keep things chic by sticking to one specific color and dress it up with a hat over the corner/a bag hanging off the edge. Shop some bookcases, hangers, and clothing racks below!

For some reason, I like the retail vibes of my closet. I find it relaxing to be able to see where everything is, and I'll give my props to working at Aritzia for my finger spacing on the clothing rack. As a blogger, I get a lot of mail and don't really know where to put everything. I'm constantly purging my closet to make room for new things, so organization is definitely key.

How else can you maximize space? I got a pretty skinny bookcase, if my space allowed, I'd definitely go for something wider. Unfortunately, this is what I'm working with and I need to make the most of it. I've used one of the shelves for accessories, using a clear acrylic stack of trays and drawers from The Container Store for my sunglass collection. You know a blogger needs to keep a variety on hand.

I'm definitely running out of space. This is not the latest shot of my bag collection since my Gucci Dionysus squeezed its way in, but it's still working for me! When these bags aren't getting photographed, I make sure that I store them properly and in their dust bags. A lot of you have asked me about filming more videos, so I shot one! Can't wait to edit my bag collection video for you all. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you can stay in the loop!

So this is where all the writing and editing happens. To be honest, I'm always tempted to do my work in bed but I just get a lot more done and see a lot more when I'm at my desk. I'm so glad my boyfriend talked me into the larger screen iMac, it was definitely helpful while I was in school. Homework on one corner, Netflix on the other, blog work at another, and chats for the last spot. 

If you couldn't already tell, I love organization, so working on a computer with a desk calendar makes scheduling and planning so much easier. Knowing where everything is comforts me, and is it weird that I also find cleaning relaxing? I've dressed up my desk with a couple of accessories, after all, as my own boss, I should have a nice desk right?

The gallery wall is something I've gotten lots of questions about! I wish I made a video when I redid this, taking my simple white Ikea frames and rearranging them to make way for these beautiful gold frames from Target and West Elm. You can see how my gallery wall looked before at an older room post here. I retired my framed Audrey Hepburn portrait and replaced it with a minimal map of Paris.

I decided to frame some designer logos from shopping bags that I've gotten over the years, printed out certain graphics, but my favorite part has to be framing images of Marco and I that were taken in all the different cities we've travelled to so far. This is something I'm excited to see grow and put into our future home. Although it may not be anytime soon, I love looking up at this wall when I need to take a break from the computer screen.


If I'm not working at my desk, I'm in my bed. I definitely get a lot of work done at night in terms of writing, but the mornings on my bed are perfect for shooting flatlays. Let's take a step back from all the work talk though, because I love sleeping in my bed. If you're going to splurge on something in your room, it needs to be your textiles. My bedding is from West Elm, mixing my colors and textures to create the perfect cloud to sleep on. Shop my bedding picks below!


Now that we know where my clothes and bags are, where my work gets done, this is where my make-up hangs out, right on top of my dressers and under the TV that's mounted on the wall. I like to keep my fragrances lined up on one side, beauty products for my morning and evening routines on deck, and my make-up organized in my acrylic trays, the same drawers that I used to organize my sunglasses.

My space may be small, but I have what I need. I love working in the coziness of this space, I love Saturday nights in with my boyfriend catching a movie while snuggled up in bed, I love getting ready in the morning as that sun streams right in through my window. I love the comfort of my bed after a long day, and I love getting to work in a space that I created exactly the way I want it to look. I'm productive, motivated, and creative here and I think that's super ideal for a workspace.
I hope you guys found this post more helpful than my previous room posts. If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments below! Stay tuned for a room tour video that I'll try to shoot soon. :)

Dresser + Desk + Bookcase + Bench + White Frames (Ikea)Clothing Rack + Hangers + Marble Tray + Gold Frames (Target)Bedding + Throw Pillows + Gold Frames (West Elm), Acrylic Trays (The Container Store), Desk Accessories (Paper Source and Target),  and Paris Poster (Etsy).

Monday, January 23, 2017 New York, NY, USA

Capolavori Perle Magiche

I have always had a special place in my heart for Italy. It was the very first foreign country that I traveled to without family, a life-changing trip with friends that opened my eyes to a culture that impacted the way that I viewed the world. I immersed myself into the Italian way of life in each city that I was lucky enough to visit, speaking the language, interacting with locals, and enamored by the incredible food of course. It is my long term love for Italy that I am beyond thrilled to be working with Capolavori, an amazing online shop to find Italian handmade pieces that you can treasure for years.

Each piece is entirely handmade in Italy by artisans who truly put their love and passion into their work. Because each piece is made to order, you'll find something absolutely unique and one of a kind. I've always loved pieces that celebrate attention to detail, which is why I fell in love with the Perle Magiche ring. Made of 18K gold and seven Japanese pearls, this beautiful ring means more to me than a simple accessory.

I'm excited to announce a giveaway with Capolavori where you can win this ring for yourself. All you need to do is follow the instructions below to be entered into the contest!
  • Go to
  • Create an account (It will only take a minute!) 
  • Place this exact ring into your shopping cart: "Perle Magiche" Ring. Please don't place any other products into your cart in order to have a valid entry. Leave the ring in your cart and that's it!
This contest ends Monday, January 31st so keep an eye out on my Instagram for the winner of this contest. This beautiful ring is now one of my favorites and I hope it becomes yours as well. Good luck everyone! Have an amazing rest of the week. :)

Marina Chisena - Winner of the Perle Magiche Ring
Stephanie Lee - Wins 20% Discount
Tracy Tang - Wins 10% Discount

In Collaboration with Capolavori
Captured by: Marco P.

Saturday, January 21, 2017 New York, NY

All About the Accessories

Can you tell these are my favorite booties and this is my favorite sweater? I've probably worn both in several posts on Instagram already, but that should be a testament that they're worth looking into, right? You'll see that Gucci belt that almost everyone is wearing, but what's funny is the fact that I was able to find it in-store without having to wait. There is currently a low stock throughout the company so if this is something that you're eyeing, get on a waitlist stat! I've loved the way that it can just pull a look together. Being a leggings/jeans + sweater girl, I rely on accessories to complete my looks. The Chanel backpack is still quite a hit and I've loved the convenience and sporty-chic style of it. My next Chanel purchase may need to wait until the next time I'm in Paris, but I'm definitely more than content with my current collection.

I definitely have a ton of outfit posts that are long over due, and I guess you can blame that on setting up a lot of goals for this new year. I've uploaded all my travel videos with Marco on YouTube so I'm definitely excited to be creating more vlogs in addition to these posts and my Instagram. What are some goals you've set up for yourself this year? What are some suggestions you have for me and the content you'd like to see me create? Let me know in the comments section below!

Iro Sweater | GRLFRND Denim | Gucci Belt | Steve Madden Booties | Chanel Backpack (Similar)
Captured by: Marco P.