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Tuesday, December 20, 2016 New York, NY

Fossil Q Smartwatch

For some people, Holiday Shopping can be a tedious task. For me, I just love every second of it. I tend to start my Christmas list around November since I love shopping around and finding that perfect gift for my friends and family. This year, I have a new companion with me as I finish off my shopping: The Fossil Q Smartwatch. There are so many amazing features with this accessory that really helped me stay on top of things!

The watch works hand in hand with an app on my phone. Through this app, I was able to customize my settings and my notifications, what functions I wanted and needed the most. Although the watch has a classic analog design, there's so much more to it than meets the eye. I walked all around the city, had trains to catch, had too much to carry so I couldn't take out my phone, but this watch helped with all of it. Check out the features below:
- Built In Steps Tracker: Holiday Shopping made reaching my 10,000 Steps A Day Goal so easy.
- Notification Alerts: I knew if it was my boyfriend or my best friend texting me.
- Functions: Taking a picture, controlling my music, and tracking my sleep and steps.
- Versatility: I can easily swap out my band if I'm looking for a new combination for my outfit!
- Non-Charging: Perfect because I constantly forgot to charge other smartwatches... oops.

I always had a hard time dressing up smartwatches. It's almost as if I had to constantly decide on something classic or modern technology. The Q Tailor Hybrid is the perfect accessory that marries both things that I love, something that carries a timeless elegance about it, and not have to compromise how far we've come with technology. After a good couple of shopping days, I was all set for the holidays and ready to move on to the second best thing to shopping: wrapping presents!

In case you're still looking for that perfect gift for someone, perhaps they're just like me. They love a good classic timepiece but also want the perks of a smartwatch. Check out this one by Fossil here, or any of their other beautiful watches for that matter. I've got a few more presents to wrap up. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Captured by: Marco P.