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Friday, November 18, 2016 New York, NY

Chanel Backpack

Over the years, I've added to my collection as well as found new homes for the ones I no longer reached for as often as others. As I got older, my style became simpler and my taste in handbags got more refined. From walking through my high school halls with a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote bag (which I still have, by the way) to now walking through the city post-college with bags that I used to only dream of, I'm happy to introduce to you the latest addition to the family.

A few weeks ago, Marco and I were walking around the mall. I decided to check out the Chanel boutique "just to look" only to end up falling in love with one of their newest pieces. The boutique had just received a new shipment of goodies for the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Act II collection. I fell in love with the size, materials, and especially the little details of this bag that I'll be sharing with you guys. As soon as I tried it on, I knew that this was the perfect backpack for me.

I walked out of the store empty handed but decided to pull the trigger a week later. I returned to the boutique where it turns out that the bag had already been sold. With only 10 left in the company within the United States, I placed an order at the Dallas boutique where they still had one nicely wrapped up and unboxed.

Unfortunately, I don't have a clear name for it unlike my Classic Flap or my Le Boy. This backpack is a seasonal piece that is from the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Act II collection. I knew that I wanted my next Chanel to be something different and not as common as my first two pieces. To get my hands on a bag that's a little different from the backpacks that Chanel produces every season was very refreshing.

With these initial images, you can see that the bag is made of lambskin with ruthenium hardware, same combination as my Le Boy. Because this bag isn't as structured as my others, I felt better about the lambskin and how this bag will wear over time. A lot of Chanel backpacks have leather wrapped chains, but I'm loving the separation of materials here. There's an external back pocket that is perfect for slipping my phone into.

One of the details that really had me sold is the stitched logo on the bottom of the bag. I'm just such a sucker for those little details. However, I do wish that there were feet to help reduce scratches and wear when the bag is placed on a rougher surface. I suppose that this is just something I'm going to have to get used to. Now lets get to all the details.

Height: 11.0 in. | Bottom Width: 9.0 in. | Top Width: 8.0 in. | Bottom Depth: 6.75 in.

Black Lambskin Leather with Ruthenium Hardware
Burgundy Fabric Interior Lining

The bag opens with a turn-lock, similar to the ones found on the Classic Flaps. At the top of the left C, there is an oval bump with "Chanel CC Paris" on it. Upon opening the bag, there is a leather drawstring with a leather cinch. The cinch as a metal piece with "Chanel" written on it vertically. The interior of the bag is quite spacious, able to fit a lot more than most of my bags. There is one pocket in the back of the bag as well as a leather extension that you can attach your keys or a small zippy to. The straps of this bag are adjustable with 5 holes.

If you would like to inquire on the model number of this bag or the price, please e-mail me.

Overall, I love this bag. There are so many benefits to having this as an alternative to the rest of my collection. It's extremely easy to carry, spacious, and a special piece since it's a seasonal item from a specific collection. The bag is light on its own and after having worn it for a few weeks now, it still looks as good as it did on day one. This backpack is also the perfect size where I can carry everything I need: Sunglasses, wallet, keys, charger, and mini make-up bag with room to spare.

I wish there was some foot hardware at the bottom of the bag to prevent scratches on the CC stitch detail. Although the bag can fit my camera, it's best not to weigh it down to maintain the shape. I wish the internal pocket of the bag was a little bit bigger, maybe even a zipped pocket, it really only fits the certificate of authenticity card that all Chanel bags come with.

This is definitely going to be the last bag for a while. Feel free to check out all my other bag reviews here. I know they're all rather lengthy but a couple of you have told me that the thoroughness has been helpful. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to comment below, e-mail, or even just DM me on Instagram. While it's fun unboxing something from the Chanel boutique, there are some beautiful vintage pieces out there that are definitely worth considering. Check out some pre-loved backpack beauties by Chanel below!


  1. I'm not much of a backpack person but this is no ordinary backpack! Stunning!