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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Punta Cana Trip Video

For as long as I can remember, Marco and I have created videos of our trips together. When we first started dating, they were videos of trips to the beach, to other states, etc. Celebrating what is now our fifth summer together, I'm glad we got to go back to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I'm so thankful to be able to experience life with someone who loves to capture moments and memories just like I do. I hope that we can continue to travel together and of course continue to share these memories with you all. I hope you guys enjoy!

Video was captured with Canon 6D + 50mm F/1.4 Lens and GoPro Hero3.


  1. I love the part where you guys are dancing on the boat with a group of people lmao. How did you guys get the shots of both of you with the Canon? Tripod? Or you had someone trustworthy hold it lmao. I want to make vlogs too and I always just think of the limitations.

    1. Thank you! We usually bring a Tripod along on our trips and the GoPro with a pole extension. :)


  2. Love this!!! I'm so excited for my husband and I's first solo trip together to Ohio. HAHA. #LDR. I know the struggle of not having a third person to record or take photos of us, so yes, a tripod is necessary! Love the depth of your 50mm. 1/4f! I really enjoyed your snaps during this trip as well! :)