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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag

There was always something lacking with my handbag collection. The Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is a very popular choice for everyday use, and with a majority of my pieces being black, I knew that this one had to be in that "cammello" color. I remember the days where this bag would just be sold out moments out of a restock. Luckily, you can stroll into Barneys, or any department store that carries them really, and there will be stock left over. Is it in the size and color combo that you want? It may or may not be.

These bags are made of vegetable tanned leather and they come in a variety of color combinations and materials. I opted for the mini size because it just seemed to be the perfect size for my frame. When it came to the large size, it just seemed to swallow me. I was looking for an easy summer bag and it seemed like the right time to finally add this one to my collection.

The Mini Bucket Bag measures at 8"W x 9.5"H x 4.5"D. The great thing about this bag is that it has an adjustable strap to fit different torso lengths or just whatever you're comfortable with based on personal preference. The bag is stiff so it's great at retaining it's shape. The top of the bag is closed by a drawstring so you can leave this a little open to easily go in and out of the bag. But lesson learned, I will definitely be more careful with this bag because I had my wallet stolen out of it.

If you're rocking this bag, just make sure to always be aware of hands going in and out of your bag. Despite that unfortunate event, it won't stop me from wearing this bag. I'll just be extra careful about wearing it out. When it comes to weather, like any bags, be careful. But I definitely need to take a lot of caution with this bag in wet weather because watermarks will stay on the bag due to the light color.

For the price, which is $495 for this size, it's a great quality bag with a simple and classic design. I would definitely recommend looking into this if you want something casual that you can easily throw your belongings into. Not to mention, this bag goes great with an everyday look. Shop some Mansur Gavriel bucket bags below, or some more affordable alternatives!


  1. You might be my favourite for designer bag reviews!

  2. What a cute bag! I didn't think I was into the bucket bags until I saw this!

  3. lovely blog! you gave me a heart attack because I just purchased this bag and reading your description you said "These bags are made of vegetarian leather" so i panicked because i really don't think vegan leather is worth that kind of price tag, but i double checked the website and it said it's "VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER". Vegetable tanning is a process, the base material is still regular leather. anyways, love your photos and i can't wait until my bag arrives :) cheers! - steph