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Thursday, June 9, 2016 New York, NY

Inside My Bedroom

It doesn't get more personal than showing you my bedroom. Ever since I started studying Interior Design (now graduated) my room has been through many changes to go along with my style and design aesthetic. As time went on, it became more apparent that my style leaned more towards black and white, which I always associated with simplicity and elegance. If you wanted to match my Instagram feed with my space, I think it's pretty obvious that the two are quite similar.

I've always loved the idea of an open closet-room, and for my future home, I'll definitely need a second room to create my closet and workspace. Because my room is quite small, I had to make the most of it, sticking to white furnishings and textiles helped brighten up my space. I'm also fortunate that the morning light shines through my window, making my room very ethereal until the sun begins to set. When it comes to furnishings, there are some things I believe you can achieve on a budget, and some things that are definitely worth paying a little extra for.

Save: Furnishings. Most of the furniture you'll see in my room are from Ikea, and if you're not rough on your furniture, they'll last a long time. All the white furnishings are from the Swedish Superstore and the clothing rack can be found at Target. As for the make-up organizer, you can find lots of components at the Container Store, another great place to find things for around the home.

Splurge: Textiles. You're either on your feet or in bed, so it's wise to invest in a comfortable nights sleep. Skip the cheap mattress topper and get the memory foam to ensure the best possible sleep you can. My bedding is from West Elm, and I guarantee you won't regret splurging on your bedding. When it comes to thread count, pay attention, not just with the high number but to check the material of the sheets as well. I'm a sucker for a well-styled bed so don't be afraid to mix your textures.

The years that I worked retail while in school definitely paid off in more ways than one. Because of that, or maybe because I've always been a perfectionist, the way my wardrobe is arranged is inspired by visual merchandising. The way I like to organize my room is similar to the way a store would display their products. What you can't see is the shelves in my closet, where jeans are color coordinated and arranged by style and size. In my drawers, clothing is categorized and color coordinated as well. As for my token white pieces, the hangers are finger spaced and this singular palette just goes well in contrast to my handbags on display. Bookcases are great for organizing other belongings in a space too. My future closet-room will definitely utilize an arrangement of shelves and clothing racks to appropriately house all my favorite things. Hope you feel inspired and you can also shop some of my interior favorites below!


  1. Your room is literally goals, Alyssa! Love how neat and clean everything is. I agree, splurging on textiles is worth the money. x

  2. I still live with my parents so I can't bring myself to update my room. But, when I do get my own place I will be so picky about it lmao. Love your room. Especially the closet situation. I like the clean white influence but I personally prefer a little more colour. Yours isn't that stark but I hate a stark room haha.

    1. I still live at home too and I updated my room little by little. Moving out and into my first place will definitely be exciting since I can really create an entire home that's exactly how I'll want it!


  3. Your room is goals... been thinking of doing a room makeover and you Just inspired me


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  5. Alyssa, your room looks AMAZING. I wish you could design my entire place!