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Monday, May 30, 2016 Southampton, NY

The Beach People Roundie

If you're looking for the perfect summer companion, it's definitely going to be the original roundie by The Beach People. Changing the towel game, these beautifully designed and perfectly crafted towels are the perfect beach essential, and you'll do it in fashion. With a print or design fit for anyone's style; the minimalist, the boho at heart, or the free spirit, everyone will find a towel that just embodies who they are. I can't imagine ever going to the beach without my Amaroo or Paloma roundies with me. Whether you're planning to swim and dry off, hang out by the pool, or just sit peacefully by the shore, these well-crafted pieces are now something I can't be without. Find yours in time for this summer season and fall back into embracing life by the water.

The Beach Towel Roundie in "The Amaroo" and "The Paloma"
Photography by: Marco P.


  1. What an elegant beach accessory, I bet they'd be great for picnics too!

    xx Jesica

    1. Thanks, Jesica! I agree, definitely a great choice for picnics as well!


  2. Gorgeous round towels!! I love this beautiful roundie... and want to share the mandala collection with you. -

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