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Friday, April 8, 2016 Paris, France

Chanel Le Boy

The Chanel Le Boy has been on my wish-list for the longest time, and what better way to celebrate my very first time in Paris by bringing home something from the Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon, located right below Coco Chanel's apartment. For the past three years, I've looked at a variety of Le Boy's, but no boutique ever had the exact one that I wanted. Upon entering Chanel on my second day in Paris, there "he" was and it was just as perfect as I imagined, with a brand new one in stock, stickers on the hardware and all. I took this as a sign that it was meant to be since there's a very long waitlist for this combination in the US. I'll be sharing a review of this bag for those still hesitating and debating and hopefully you'll find this to be helpful when it comes to the Le Boy.

When purchasing from Chanel, you'll get your typical black box and bag with white writing. After my purchase, I was handed the white bag and box with black writing. Another clear incentive to purchasing in Paris would be the more affordable cost. Because of the exchange rate and the tax refund, there's a significant amount of savings between purchasing here in New York and purchasing in Europe. You can check out the current Chanel bag prices in the US here and the prices in Europe here. Now let's get to the good stuff: Black Chevron Quilted Lambskin and Ruthenium Hardware Chanel Le Boy, in the new medium size.

While the Le Boy comes in a variety of combinations and patterns, I really fell in love with the Chevron print. I initially saw it in the thinner stitching, however the wider chevron print is a much better choice for this new medium size. The bag is a full front flap with the Le Boy CC push lock closure. The Ruthenium (Aged Silver) hardware gives this bag an edgier style, perfect against the lambskin leather. The interior is lined with a black fabric with a zip pocket on the rear wall and two open pockets on the front wall. It comes with a padded shoulder and crossbody strap that is not adjustable. The two notches on the shoulder strap have the CC logo embossed into it and the hardware on the top flap also have CHANEL written on the sides.
Height: 7.0 in.
Width: 11.0 in.
Depth: 3.5 in.

In the box, you should find a white Chanel card folder that has the proper care information as well as a white cleaning cloth that can be used to polish the hardware on your bag. Before my bag's first use, I also sprayed a water and stain protector spray on it, as I do with all of my bags when I first get them. This helps protect the bag from water stains just in case something happens. You can purchase the spray here.

At the boutique, I went back and forth between the old and new medium sizes, however with a larger wallet, keys, and my phone, I'd rather have extra room in my bag than not enough. One of the biggest concerns with this bag is the care for the lambskin and making sure it doesn't get scratched up. While I find myself to be more on the cautious side with all of my bags, I'm still fairly nervous with this bag when I do wear it out. I make sure that my outfits don't have something on it that can scratch against the bag and try to hold it closer when walking in a crowded street. 

I am about 5'7" and so the size of the new medium, larger than the old medium, was perfect for my frame. However due to the strap length, it is better for me to just wear it on one shoulder than across. If you have a smaller frame, I feel that the crossbody is more of an option when it comes to styling this bag. Other sizes for the Le Boy are the clutch, small, old medium, and a satchel tote style. When going in and out of the bag, it's fairly easy to get my belongings. Since the bag is only about two weeks old, the flap is still pretty stiff, but in time, it should relax. I'm hoping that no wrinkles in the leather will be too visible on the top of the bag, so I am cautious about opening the front flap all the way up.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchase and the selection I made with the Le Boy. Continuing to be cautious with the bag is a habit I develop with all my handbags as well as proper storage and care when the bag is not in use. I'm planning on doing a video on my bag collection so stay tuned and I can't wait to share outfit posts with this bag very soon!

For any questions regarding purchasing abroad or my experience, comment below or feel free to e-mail me! In the meantime, check out these pre-loved Chanel finds below.


  1. 'He' is such a beauty and a great review to go with it. This is quite enabling... thank you!!!

  2. Gorgeous looking bag he is! And how lucky that you found it straight away on your second day there. x

    1. I was definitely thrilled! Thanks so much. :)


  3. Hi Alyssa great review thanks can you please post the length of the strap? Like how many inches/cm is the chain and also how many inches/cm is the leather part of the strap, I've been looking everywhere for these measurements but no one seems to include them so I would be so very grateful if you could provide them. Thanks :)