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Monday, December 14, 2015 Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

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I've challenged myself to buy less and cycle through my closet a lot more. Whenever I shop, I try to purchase staples that I know I can pair with multiple pieces in my wardrobe. Bringing back out this dark green sweater dress from almost two years ago, paired with my favorite boots and my Zady coat, I was ready for a brunch date with friends in Williamsburg. Something I really love about the weather right now is the way it has been perfect for layering, not too warm or too cold, but the right temperatures to just mix things up a little bit.

My Stuart Weitzman boots might be one of my best impulse buys, but when you get 15% off, how could you not jump at the opportunity? I love the little peek of skin when pairing these boots with a dress or skirt, lets hope winter isn't too bad so I can still wear these for a couple more months!

Urban Outfitters Sweater | American Eagle Beanie | Zady Coat | CĂ©line Trio | Stuart Weitzman Boots
Photography By: Marco Panlilio


  1. This is such a gorgeous outfit, and I love the wall you shot in front of! Everything about this post is just so visually appealing, I'm obsessing over these colors!

    Jasmine /