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Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Edison, NJ

Cape Sweater

I'm so glad that it's back to cape-sweater season! Thanks to 2020AVE, I've added this cozy grey piece to my fall wardrobe. It's the perfect layer to throw over any all-white or all-black look. In this case, I just went with a simple black camisole, leggings, and booties. Debuting my freshly trimmed hair, with my lob a little shorter, my layers are going to get a little longer. This draped style is perfect for a casual Saturday. With school back in full-swing, I'm into all those effortless looks, mostly because I love to sleep in and have about .5 seconds to get ready before I end up running late to class.

In Collaboration with 2020AVE.

2020AVE Sweater | Aritzia Camisole | AĆ©ropostale Leggings | Zara Boots
Captured By: Marco Panlilio


  1. I'm all about cape sweaters this this one!

  2. I thought that was your Aritzia Ionic cape. It looks very similar and just as cute! I just love your style! :)