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Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Southampton, NY

Staycation: Southampton, NY

Sometimes it's tricky getting away from work to go on vacation. So what's the solution? A staycation over the weekend. My boyfriend and I took a drive out to the Hamptons with his family, an impulsive decision made the night before. And let me tell you, it didn't disappoint. About two hours from the city, we headed to Cooper's Beach, Southampton, with a promise of fine sand and clear blue waters that most definitely exceeded all of our expectations.

Drive out to Southampton. Glimpses of million dollar estates and compounds as we made our way to the shore off the highway. Little boutiques and shoppes lining the streets of the town that we swore we would visit after a day at the beach.

Pit stop for food and last minute necessities at the local CVS. Tanning oil, chips, drinks, etc.

Set up at the beach. It's a $40 parking charge per car for the full day, but considering we were four people per car, $10/person wasn't so bad considering that's what some Jersey Shore and Jones Beach charge for entrance.

Tan. Jump in the water. Go pro shots. Instagram shots. SLR shots. Running into the tides, away from the tides, shaking sand out of our hair, laying out, repeat.

Pack up at the beach and get ready to explore the town for a little bit. Wander around the shops where I picked up a little Southampton souvenir for Marco and I.

Grabbed ice cream with Marco's cousins and aunt and uncle at the local parlor, Sip 'n Soda. Cash only.

Head back to New York City for a late night barbecue with the rest of Marco's family.

I was originally a little disappointed that I won't be taking a trip out of New York this summer, but with the time and money that was saved, and a lot of great local adventures that took place, I can now look back on a great summer at home and look forward to an anticipated trip overseas at the end of this year. But let's not jinx it. If you find yourself taking a trip out to the Hamptons, Cooper's Beach was great and there were tons of restaurants that I will definitely want to try the next time I'm there. The waters on the east coast aren't as bad as some people make them out to be, you just need to know where to look.


  1. SO FABULOUS ( & I never use that word... ) !! I am hoping to make it to the Hamptons next summer... everything seems so perfect! xx

    1. You must! It's amazing how clear the water is and the quaint town nearby is just darling! The drive to the beach alone left me in awe because of the mansions, etc. Definitely worth the trip!

      x. alyssa