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Thursday, April 23, 2015 New Jersey

Sunday Morning

I'm calling this "Sunday Morning" because that's when these photos were taken, and not going to lie, it's one of my favorite songs. When juggling school, working two jobs, blogging, and still maintaining my sanity with a social life, finding a day to yourself is incredible. I can be a morning person... if that morning included breakfast in bed, watching reruns of Sex and the City, and staying in my pajamas past 10 am that is. Though I am used to the fast paced lifestyle that growing up in New York City has forced me to accept, I enjoy these lazy mornings because when you live here, "quiet" isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind. Continue reading to get additional details on this piece by A.R.T.
In collaboration and sponsored by A.R.T. & Street People Atelier. Pajama Shirt c/o: A.R.T. (Artistic Revolution in Time) - Indigo Poplin Boyfriend Sleepshirt.

Photography by: Jeanne Grey

It's important to make the most out of these opportunities, moments to myself where I can think about anything that's been on my mind, remind myself to stay focused, and start planning for the week to come. The Indigo Poplin Boyfriend Sleepshirt is the perfect Sunday Morning attire. Considering the fact that I have classes and work all week long, a lazy morning in bed is just what I need right now. Maybe next Sunday.