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Monday, March 2, 2015

March | Current Cravings

Happy March from New York, where we just had a few more inches of snowfall today. Just when I began to feel like Spring was finally on its way, Winter comes back with another punch. I've forgotten what it feels like to step outside in less than 3 layers beneath a jacket. Living in nothing but wool and cashmere was definitely fun for a while, but I'm pretty much over the bulky look. I'm ready to lighten up my outfits when I can finally feel the warmth of the sun once more. Some pieces I've got my eyes on for the Spring Season include boyfriend jeans, peep-toe booties, and a quality leather jacket. Considering I'm on a clothes-shopping ban until Lent is over, any Spring Shopping will have to wait until mid-April.



  1. Such great picks! Those booties are so cute. I just bought a pair of black ones that are similar, but I'm dying for another pair after seeing the ones from Express for under $60! You must check them out.


    1. I know! I'm dying for a pair of peep-toe booties, and those Express ones are super cute!

      x, Alyssa