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Monday, January 12, 2015 Williamsburg, Brooklyn

S&S + KPNYC Collab

Bundling up is definitely a must around this time of the year, but you don't necessarily have to compromise how good you feel in your clothes just because it might be in the single digits... right? A good friend of mine, Kamila, over at and I decided to shoot together after she just recently launched her own blog. Meeting up at a coffee shop was obvious and the photos to follow were definitely challenging due to the piercing winds we faced this day. Because of this day's weather, my wool-cashmere blend coat was needed along with a blanket scarf and jeans. Read more to get details on this look, additional shots of this day and shop these pieces below.
Sweater: Aritzia | Jeans: 7 For All Mankind | Coat: Aritzia | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Blanket Scarf: Aritzia

Photography by: Kamila Podvisotskaya of KAMILAPODNYC

For my look, I definitely didn't want to look to bulky. You can easily keep yourself warm through thermal layers under your cuter pieces. Under this coat was a sweater, long sleeve, and a tank top. Those additional layers definitely helped keep me warm as I often prefer to wear my coats open. To help, my blanket scarf was very cozy as well. After a good 20 minutes, both of our hands were frozen, but luckily after taking photos, we made our way back into a different coffee shop to enjoy some hot chocolate and catch up on what we've both been up to lately. 

Kamila and I met over two years ago, she recruited me to work at AĆ©ropostale and working for the company has definitely opened so many doors for me, not to mention I was able to meet some really great people like herself. Both with a love for fashion, we bonded over our similar styles, New York sense of humor, and easy-going way about life. We didn't plan on matching with our cream sweaters and leather sleeved coats, but that just goes to show how similar we are in terms of fashion choices. For details on Kamila's really great look, head on over to KAMILAPODNYC. I'm definitely looking forward to collaborating with good friends a lot more and I already know her blog and future in the industry is going to be extremely bright. Have a great week, everyone!