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Friday, October 17, 2014

Inside My Bedroom

Well, it's about time I did a complete post on my room! It feels like it's been a working progress for so long, maybe because it has. I started to make changes to my room in February of 2013. I spent a good majority of money from my birthday towards buying new furniture, bedding, etc. It started out as replacing some dated pieces from R&F that just wasn't my style. Since I started studying Interior Design in the Fall of 2012, I took a lot of what I have learned and applied it towards redesigning my bedroom to the best that I could. It took some time to get this together exactly as I sketched the idea two years ago, but it has definitely been worth it.

It started out with my side table, then the dressers, a book case, clothing rack, and some decorative pieces. Those pieces got replaced in 2013. For a while that was it. It wasn't until this year that I replaced some pieces on my walls, got a brand new desk, new chair, and a brand new computer too! Since my last "Room" post in July, the only significant change is that it's a lot more crowded due to my shopping for clothes, shoes, and bags... and my computer! I'm not sure what else is in store, but for the time being, I'm quite happy with the result. Perhaps a new piece to hang over my bed since Audrey has been my main piece for years. Maybe I'll switch around the colors with my bedding? Who knows, but until then, enjoy the photos of what my space looks like! Details of where to buy certain pieces are listed at the bottom!

As you can see, I love black and white. It shows in my room, my clothing, wall pieces, etc. I find black and white to just elevate things to a more sophisticated level, not to mention it's toning down my blush pink walls that I picked out in 2010. I keep everything pretty organized, otherwise I simply can't work in a messy room. Everything has it's place and I'm very good at keeping my room clean. My designer corner of favorite neutral pieces and handbag and shoe collection has continued to grow over the months and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. Unfortunately, it seems like I'm starting to run out of room! Hopefully my future apartment will have a walk in closet or a spare room to just turn into a closet. This is where I spend time doing homework, writing posts, staging... oops, I mean 'taking' random photos for Instagram. I have magazine stacks for elevating certain pieces such as a picture from or my Chanel bag and marble samples that I got at work, I use these for placing jewelry on or just using it as a coaster! If anyone is planning to redo their room, Houzz and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Furniture: Ikea // Bedding: Pottery Barn Teen // Fashion Books: Amazon // Throw Pillows: Target // Vase: Target // Jewelry Holder: Pottery Barn Teen // Make-Up Organizer: The Container Store // Frames: Ikea // Monogram Mousepad: Etsy


  1. wow, your room looks great alyssa!
    i especially love your desk area - the inspirational quotes are so cute!

    great job!


  2. OMG! Your room is absolutely beautiful, beyond perfect! I love it! ♡

  3. You totally have inspired me to re-do my room!

    Great job!