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Friday, September 12, 2014 Lincoln Center, Manhattan, NY

New York Fashion Week

What's the best part of September? New York Fashion Week of course. Unfortunately, due to such a hectic and busy schedule, I was only able to make my way to Lincoln Center for one of those days. As my Instagram was flooded with fashion-forward outfits, even more so than usual, I just kept wishing I was a part of it.

This is the official beginning of my "Fall Wardrobe," and what better way to start it off than with this beautiful jacket from Aritzia. In order to make this tone pop, I decided that the rest of my outfit should just be an all-black canvas. I can't wait for more Autumn weather with cute jackets, beautiful scarves, and a whole lot of boots. It's only the beginning of September but I'm jumping the gun and shopping like it's October going into November.
Blouse: Nordstrom // Jacket: Aritzia // Pants: AĆ©ropostale // Bag: Saint Laurent Paris // Shoes: Steve Madden - Nyrvana


  1. Hi. I really love your bag and want to buy it. But I just wonder if you know if a macbook pro retina 13 inches will fit inside the bag? I think this size is so much nicer than the large one, but I need a bag where my mac has enough space.

    1. Thanks! The 13" Macbook definitely won't fit nicely in this size and the weight would probably strain the bag. If you're looking for a bag that would fit the 13" macbook, this may not be the best option. I carry my laptop around separately because I don't want my Sac de Jour to lose it's shape like most SDJ bags that I have seen due to overpacking.