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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blonde Balayage

Well, it's been about 8 weeks since I last got my hair toned, and ever since I made the initial decision to try balayage, I haven't looked back! I got my hair done for the very first time at Fox & Jane Salon in the Lower East Side over Spring Break this past semester. A fair amount of research went into looking up the best places in NYC to get ombré/balayage treatment and I discovered that Fox & Jane got amazing reviews! I set up an appointment with my stylist, Bianca, whose work you can view on her Instagram@hairthrone. She has been my stylist since day one and ever since my full-balayage, I knew I was in love with her work!

After the first appointment, I scheduled my "toning" and haircut with her six weeks from that day. After my second appointment right after Memorial Day Weekend, I asked about going lighter, so we set up a third appointment for me to do a partial balayage and these are my results! My hair is now blonde towards my front ends. I'm always getting complimented on my hair and I know it's all thanks to the Fox & Jane family, especially my stylist, Bianca. I've recommended her to anyone who has ever asked me about my salon. Read more to see more photos and get an idea of how amazing she is. You can find the salon details at the bottom! To see my first balayage, you can find that post here.

Hair by Bianca Cox of Fox & Jane Salon, Lower East Side
Photography By: Marco Panlilio

Love my hair!? Here are the details of Fox & Jane in the Lower East Side! They get pretty busy so you do have to book your appointments well in advance. My hairstylist from the very beginning is Bianca! She's amazing! You can also find the salon's Instagram here.

154 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002


  1. I'm planning to get my hair done soon! How much was it in all?

    1. My most recent treatment was a partial + toner + blowout and it came out to $190 including taxes! The initial balayage, my first ever, was about $220 for a full balayage + toner + blowout!