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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Perfect Red Plaid

Finding the perfect plaid shirt has always been a struggle for me. Either the grids weren't right, the colors were no good, or the material was just cheap or too thick. Lucky for me, my patience had paid off when I came across the Wilfred Free Rollinson Blouse from Aritzia which you can find here. I paired it with a plain white tank from Nordstrom and my scuba leggings from Forever 21. I love being comfortable in an outfit, not having to worry or fuss about any straps, something being too tight, too loose, etc.

An afternoon strolling through Greenwich Village called for something a little more cool and casual. Since the sun was already setting, I figured a good leggings/button down combo was the perfect match for this time of the day. Read more to get the full details of this outfit and shop similar items below!

Top: Nordstrom // Blouse: Aritzia // Leggings: Forever 21
Bag: Saint Laurent Paris // Shoes: Nike ID
Photography By: Marco Panlilio


Marco and I got out of the Union Square station and started walking down towards Washington Square Park, one of the best places to people watch especially during the Spring/Summer season. On the way there, we stopped by Amorino's Gelato where the gelato is arranged to look like a flower on your cone. Along the way, we passed by the Washington Mews, a cobblestone road lined with quaint apartments and homes. It was a wonderful afternoon spent strolling the city streets and just taking in the atmosphere. I just love New York City so much that I can't imagine living anywhere too far from it.

I love the slouchy fit of this shirt and it's great to pair with fitted pieces as a way to balance everything out. I originally wore plain leggings but decided it needed more shine. I opted for these scuba material leggings, not as flat as plain cotton ones but not as shiny as the "leather-looking" ones either. I decided to give my feet a break and rock my all-white Nike Roshe Run shoes that I custom ordered through Nike ID. The process took a total of 5 weeks and as careful as I have to be with these, I just love how all white shoes look. Everything is white except for the trademark Nike swoosh. As for my accessories, I went with my go-to Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour and my Ray-Ban Clubmasters because of this more casual look.

That's all for now and I hope everyone is enjoying their week! Thank you so much for reading, all your feedback and comments really do mean a lot to me. Don't forget to check out my page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for more photos and updates! Links are on the main page.


  1. Cute outfit!
    Btw how much did your custom roshe run cost?