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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch Family

Growing up, I was never much of a watch person. I found them annoying to wear or I'd be too lazy to put one on everyday. It probably wasn't until college that I wore a watch every single day. A watch has now become a necessary accessory for me, and over the years, I have accumulated quite a collection.

Read more to see my three favorite watches to wear.

(From left to right) Marc By Marc Jacobs "Baker" 36mm in silver, "Amy" 36.5mm in rose gold, and "Baker" 36.5mm in yellow gold.

Marc By Marc Jacobs "Baker" 36mm in yellow gold, silver, and "Amy" 36mm in rose gold.
My very first "nice" watch was a Chopard St. Moritz watch from my father. I rarely wear it because it's such an expensive watch that I would hate for something to happen to it. It's a beautiful watch, but at the time that I received it, I really never wore watches. Now that I'm older, I appreciate the craftsmanship behind it and it's truly a remarkable watch to have in my collection.

After a few years, I got a white Marc By Marc Jacobs watch after saving up. This one specifically, the "White Rivera." My style matured and I wanted a gold watch to wear every day.
The watch I got after "White Rivera" is the "Amy" 36mm. This was a gift from my boyfriend last year ago as a birthday present. I loved rose gold so I opted for this one instead of yellow gold.

About a year later, I noticed the amount of gold hardware on practically all of my bags. When Marc Jacobs released the "Baker" watch, I immediately fell in love with it's simplicity. It's light and simple so I purchased this one in yellow gold.

Last week, while online browsing during class, I noticed "Baker" in silver went on sale on Nordstrom. Impulsively, I decided to purchase it to match my other silver jewelry. It arrived in the mail today and I'm so happy that I bought it.

I love all these watches. They sit in a tray in my room and I try to alternate between them every couple of days. If you allow your watch to sit for too long unworn, it could stop working. You can find the links to these watches below. :)

Until next time!

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  2. I love this post..all the watches look so pretty! I'm thinking to get the AMY watch. Where is the gold bracelet from in that post?

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