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Friday, May 2, 2014

Balayage Hair // Hair Care Routine.

So about two and a half weeks ago, I took the plunge with my hair. After a while, I got tired of it so I decided that I needed to switch things up. It was either cut my hair short or ombré it. After doing a lot of research, I realized that I see so many bad ombré jobs that I wanted to make sure my hair would turn out nicely. I really wanted the colors to blend well and too many times, I have seen someone go straight from a dark color directly into blonde as if it was dip-dyed. Balayage seemed to be the right choice for me.

Read more to check out the photos during my coloring process and how my hair looks now. :)

Balayage (verb): A free form high lighting technique. Usually a powder lightener is used to paint individual strands of hair. This technique can offer a more natural look to highlighting hair by doing away with the more uniform foiling process. Balayage is the technique that is used to achieve ombré hair color.

(Left: Before the process began. Right: During the process)

(Left: During. Right: All done.)

This was how it turned out afterwards. It's really not this red-orange color. The lighting in the salon changed how the color actually looked but I was extremely happy with it. The process probably took about a total of two and a half to three hours. I required toner after the lightening process so that the color wouldn't look orange-y.

Obligatory post-salon selfie.

This is how the colors looked after I got home from the salon. I'm planning on going lighter in the ends soon. :)

In the sun, my hair shows some red. It's always been this way even before I started coloring it. My base is slightly lighter than my natural hair color. The last time I got my hair done was in January when I was in the Philippines. I had a lighter color and I asked them to get it close to my natural hair color but a little lighter. I'm glad I did because now I can grow out my hair without having to fuss over my roots showing as much.

You can really see now the colors blend and change. I'm not exactly sure what color my stylist used, but it does begin around my face and lessens as you go towards the back. When my hair is straight, the colors are not as light.

When my hair isn't in direct sunlight, the red tints go away. This is how it looks and I really love how well it turned out. I actually think it's starting to get a bit lighter, which I'm thrilled over because I do want it to get lighter for the summer.

Now, I've gotten a lot of questions about my hair routine. Do not let my photos fool you, I've struggled with dry hair from straightening it constantly. Coconut milk helped my hair so much. It's been two weeks and my hair looks healthy again. I plan on continuing to use this because using previous brands that contained sulfate did nothing for my hair.

I wash my hair every other day to prevent from drying it out even more, shampoo and condition once and it's recommended to deep condition at least once a week. I run Aussie Sydney Smooth through my hair after my hair has completely dried.

For straightening/curling, I apply a Aussie Hair Insurance as a heat protectant spray. After curling my hair, I spray TRESemmé Tres Two Spray (Purple/Black Can.) for a soft wavy look.

So, that's about it for my hair. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! If you need a recommendation for a salon to ombré/balayage your hair, just let me know and I'll let you know who colored my hair. :)

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  1. Omg where did you get your hair colored? Been wanting to get mine balayaged! X

  2. Whereabouts did you get your hair coloured? They really did a great job!

  3. Who did your hair? I love it!

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  5. Where did you get your hair colored?? Xx thankyou!