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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Charms & The Stories.

I've been getting a lot of questions about my past Pandora post that is now lost amongst my large Tumblr archive. So this will be a post about my bracelet, my charms, and my memories and story behind each one.

I got my bracelet in December of 2010 for Christmas. I remember a large blizzard hit NYC at the time, which is also why my very first charm was a snowflake. On my way home from the mall, I remember telling Marco about it, who is my boyfriend, however at the time we were still just talking and just friends. My bracelet isn't in order, it's actually all over the place because I rearranged it a couple of months ago to make it a little bit more symmetrical. I'll go in order of my first to last charms, you should be able to easily spot them in the photos. :)

Click to read the stories behind my charms including the event and who it's from. Each one is special to me. :)

  1. The Snowflake - Okay, so my first charm, as I said earlier, is the snowflake in December 2010. I got this as my first charm because at the time I received this bracelet, it snowed a lot. I remember being stuck at home for two-three days just because it was impossible to leave my house.
  2. The Giraffe - This giraffe was given to me by my best friend, Jessica. We've been best friends since the 4th grade and this was a Christmas gift in December 2010. The reason it's a giraffe is simply because giraffes are one of my favorite animals.
  3. Music Charm - This was given to me in February 2011 by Jessica as well as a birthday present to me. She and I grew up loving the same bands, attending all the same concerts together, played in school band together. Music was a large part of our friendship growing up.
  4. Heart with Stone in the Center - The heart charm is from Joan, my best friend from high school. This was her birthday present to me in February 2011. No matter how long we go without seeing each other because we're in different colleges now, we still have that solid friendship that we developed in high school when we would see each other everyday.
  5. Hearts All Over - This charm is probably my favorite one. This is the charm that Marco gave me when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I never got a present when getting asked to be someones girlfriend before and I had no idea he was going to surprise me. We had been talking on and off for about a year prior to dating so it made me so happy when we finally made it official. You can see the video of him asking me out here. We were in the Apple Store just recording a little video and he chose that moment to present me with the charm. Don't mind our appearance. That was three years ago... haha.
  6. Heart & Lock - In October 2011, Marco got me this Heart and Lock charm for our 6 months. At the time, that was a "milestone" for us because we had only been in short term relationships that were never anything serious. It may be weird to say, but since the beginning, it always just made sense. We were just happier than we have ever been and look at us now, three years later and stronger than ever.
  7. Horseshoe - This was given to me in December 2011 by my three roommates. After high school, I attended a University and dormed with my best friend from 2010-2011. In Fall 2011 to Spring 2012, we dormed with two other best friends. The four of us probably had the best year together and this was my last year with them before deciding that I wanted to transfer to FIT to study Interior Design. They got me this Horseshoe charm to wish me good luck in that next chapter in my life. I'm so glad that we had those years to share together because all of them truly are amazing friends that I'm so blessed to have.
  8. Christmas Tree - This was also a December 2011 charm. My parents gave me this charm for Christmas.
  9. Cupcake - I got this charm from my friend on my 21st birthday, February 2012. It's such a cute little charm and this one charm reminds me of that wonderful birthday that I shared with my best and closest friends.
  10. Flowers All Over - This was also a 21st birthday gift from my high school best friend in February 2012.
  11. Bouquet of Flowers - In February 2012, Marco got me this charm for Valentine's Day. Valentine's day actually means a lot to me because it happened to be the first time that Marco and I saw each other in person since we were in the 3rd Grade together back in the 2000-2001 school year. We saw each other on February 14th, 2010 by pure chance. We had been BBMing for a couple of weeks and while we were talking, he had mentioned he was in NY (he lives in NJ) and I asked where. He told me a Salon by this address and I told him that it was two blocks away from my house. We decided to meet up, looked like bums in our hoodies, and ended up hanging out that day. Everything happens for a reason, right?
  12. Crown - This charm pretty much speaks for itself. I'm the baby of the family and my dad always referred to me as his "Princess." (But what dad doesn't?) Marco also gave me this nickname when we were in that awkward talking phase, where you're more than friends but you're not boyfriend/girlfriend just yet. I got this for myself in March 2012.
  13. Clip 1 - I don't remember when I got these clips, I just used it to hold my charms better... haha.
  14. Clip 2 - They don't really signify anything, haha.
  15. Airplane - Marco got me this charm in August 2013. We had gone on our first vacation together outside of the country. Prior to this trip, our vacations were reachable by car. In August 2013, we went to Punta Cana together and it was one of the best vacations of my life. Flying First Class together was an amazing start to our vacation. You can see the video of our trip here.
  16. Amethyst - This was a gift from my friends on my 23rd birthday. I got this February 2014 and we all went to Atlantic City to celebrate my birthday all weekend long. It was the best birthday that I have ever had. Everything was perfect and I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to celebrate it with.
So, that's all for my charms and the stories behind them. How many charms do you have and which ones are your favorites?

Until Next Time!
X, Alyssa Lenore


  1. I do remember that I saw some pictures of your Pandora's bracelet on IG, I was looking for that a few days ago, but I couldn't find it... and now, I came into your blog and find this post, I'm so glad that you wrote about your charms, because, you were one of my reason to get my first Pandora bracelet, thank you, thank you so much!

    post scriptum: I love all of your charms, and I'm a big fan of yours!

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