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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Current Room Set Up.

So, over the past few weeks, I have made some changes to my room. It's nothing too crazy, but just something to make it a little more cohesive and refreshed for the spring. Also, I have a tendency to make changes to my room before each semester. Last year, my dresser and side table got replaced by pieces from Ikea and my corner got a clothing rack and a bookcase that isn't really for books.

My inspiration developed from studying Interior Design, looking through magazines, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. I have a fairly small room with a lot of clothes and other things, so I knew I had to try and make the most of the space that I had. This post is a little photo heavy, but I'll try to be as thorough as I can about the pieces I have in my room. It may be small but I love it.

Bedding from Pottery Barn, Stuffed 'Boo' from Urban Outfitters, Throw Pillow from Target.

Read more to get the full details on the pieces I have in my room and where they're from!

My bed would have to be one of my favorite parts of my room. My bedding is all from Pottery Barn, except for the sheets and purple throw pillow which are from Target. I have one full-size bed with lots of pillows, five standard size pillows, two euros, one throw, and my dog, Boo. It's a really cozy bed.

Above my bed is a portrait of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. I got this a while back from Target as well. I love Target.

Directly in front of my bed is my dresser/entertainment section/vanity/jewelry. I know, it's a lot. But with such a small space, I really have to make the most of what I've got, you know?

My make-up is on the right side of my dresser. Next to the dresser on this side is a full length mirror from Ikea. My make-up is on a tray from Target.

Next to my dresser is my corner of shoes, bags, and favorite black/white pieces. Rather than a room, it's practically a closet. I have always wanted a walk in closet, but I obviously can't obtain that any time soon. With all the pieces that I've accumulated over the years, my collection has needed a little space of it's own. So, in this corner are my shoes, bags, and favorite pieces of clothing that aren't too bulky to have on display. All my other pieces go in my actual closet, where all my colored clothes are as well.

My study is the only incomplete part of my room. As you can tell, the desk doesn't match. :( I've been meaning to change it, but it's still a perfectly good desk and there's no place in the house to put it. It matched all my other furniture, but I'm keeping it for now until I can get it moved to storage or someone else decides to take it or buy it. The desk is from Raymour & Flanigan.

A closer look at my "designer corner." My three pairs of Christian Louboutin's and my Chanel espadrilles that took me FOREVER to find.

I like having this sequin gold jacket peek out right in the middle of the black and white pieces. The clothing rack is from Target and only costs about $20-$25.

My favorite scent right now is YSL Parisienne.

For my jewelry stand, I got an old wine bottle to hold bracelets, a tray from Target and the vase is from Target as well, and I purchased this mini dress form for necklaces and other accessories from Pottery Barn.

I recently replaced my desk chair with the TOBIAS chair from Ikea. Draped over it is a fur throw from Target.

On my nightstand is a stack of Teen Vogue magazines and a framed photo of Marco and I. :)

My desk is pretty bare. My laptop is mostly on my bed because that's where I prefer to sit. On top of my printer/scanner is a candle, decorative flowers from Ikea, a Saint Laurent Paris shopping bag, and two books, "How To Look Expensive" and "The Fashion Book" with an Eiffel Tower holding them down. I sit at my desk more when I really need to concentrate on homework, turned away from my TV and not as cozy in bed.

Above my desk are framed shopping bags from Saint Laurent Paris, Marc Jacobs, and Prada. The other images are printed on glossy photo paper from Tumblr. I got eight white frames from Ikea. I used to have a collage of magazine tears and other things, but decided it was time to change things up and keep everything black and white. On my collage board, I only hung up personal photos that I loved in black and white just to make everything more cohesive.

So, there you have it. That is my room. A few posts down is a post about how my room used to look. I didn't photograph my actual closet because it's pretty much the same, just color coordinated and stuffed with everything, haha. So, that's all for now. Hopefully I didn't bore you too much about my room.

If you have any questions about where something is from, where to get it or something similar to it, just comment/message me and I'll try to get a link for you. :)

Until next time! X,


  1. Ok I discovered your tumblr and instagram yesterday and now I'm totally in love with your blog *.*

  2. I love your room and all the decorations ate Alyssa, so perfect ! I completely love your blog ate :)

  3. so so cute, it does inspire me to change my room<3

  4. Very helpful I'm going to try the copier setup.

  5. Very helpful I'm going to try the copier setup.