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Friday, June 7, 2019

Summer With COS

Design is in everything, and when it comes to clothes, the construction and the garment is everything. I'm all about those pieces that are made to last, staples you can rely on for many seasons, and just make you feel good. The colder months are usually weighed down with a lot of layers, but summer is the time to have fun with silhouettes, dress lightly, be airy, etc.

I stopped by COS to check out their SS19 collection and fell in love with so many different pieces that can definitely be easily incorporated into my existing wardrobe. My favorite is this all white look, from the top to the pants, and the bag to the shoes, everything was so comfortable and had their own special design element to it. Though simple in silhouettes, the clean construction made each piece unique in their own way.

Shop this look with the links below and check out the latest collection at COS.

In Collaboration with COS

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sale Season: Bags

Rounding up my favorites from the sale section in terms of bags, mostly Saint Laurent, that are worth checking out. Definitely think that if you've been eyeing a going out bag, this sale is for you. There are a ton of different combos in terms of the Kate bag, and a couple of different sizes as well. From the wallet on chain style, to the medium, it's definitely a great time to purchase.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Carry-On Travel Essentials 2019

I'm sure you guys could google "travel essentials" and get linked to several different sites with many different lists. But for me, I want this to be as easy as possible and as simple as possible. Sure, you know about how to limit your liquids in a carry on, external charger, etc. But on recent trips, I've noticed what my steady must haves are. When I'm traveling with a checked luggage, these some of the things I definitely need on my carry on.

Getting a travel credit card is one of the best "adult" decisions I've ever made. I always book trips and travel with my AMEX PlatinumYou can read more about this credit card on this blog post. 

It's a smart to invest in a carry-on with a lifetime warranty. So much can happen on a trip and there's a sense of reassurance when you know that if anything happened to your suitcase, you can get it fixed or replaced. I love my Away luggages. If you're ready to invest in Away luggages, click here and you can get $20 off your first purchase! If the discount doesn't apply, check out my "CODES" highlight on IG stories for a quick tutorial! This works best on desktop.


When traveling, I always like to make sure these things are taken out of my carry-on and in the personal bag I'm slipping under my seat. The Away Everywhere Bag perfectly fits under the seat in front of you and can easily fit all my in-flight needs. Of course, you can use whatever bag you're most comfortable with for your personal bag.

Once I'm in my seat I make sure all these things are accessible. No one wants to be going in and out of that overhead compartment. For long flights I like to make sure I have:
  • TRAVEL PILLOW + EYE MASK if you're the type to want to knock out on a flight and just wake up at your destination.
  • MOISTURIZING SKINCARE because the air during a flight can really dry you out. I recommend a mask as well.
  • EYEGLASSES because it's not good to be wearing contacts during a flight. Make sure you bring your eyeglasses with you if you have a prescription, you'll be more comfortable skipping on the contact lenses!
  • SEAT POCKET ORGANIZER because that seat pocket in front of you is filthy. This will make sure you don't lose anything in the seat pocket and have to go digging for it. That pocket gets rarely cleaned. I'm loving this BEIS one but it's currently sold out.
  • BOSE HEADPHONES are so worth investing in. They're noise cancelling and definitely make a difference when you're listening to a movie or your music on a flight. These are so comfortable as well so I don't mind having them on for a few hours.
  • PENS! And okay, every list and your mom probably told you how important bringing a pen is. I'm just reinforcing that and sharing my favorite pens.
  • SLIPPERS are usually included in that bag that is in business or first class, but if you're on a long haul flight and don't want to slip your shoes on and off when you stroll down that aisle to stretch your legs or use the bathroom, some simple slippers are pretty convenient. A little hack is to save hotel slippers and bring them on trips too.
  • WATER BOTTLE can be filled once you clear security. You'll also be able to make sure your water stays cold during a long flight as well.
  • JEWELRY ORGANIZER is a game changer! I love traveling with this thing because it makes packing my jewelry for a trip so nice and organized. I also don't have to worry about my necklaces becoming a tangled mess anymore.
  • TECH ORGANIZER to organize your cables, adaptors, memory card, etc. The one I like to use is by Incase.
Other things to remember to throw in your bags, but I'm sure you already knew this: Disinfecting wipes, sanitizer, toothbrush/toothpaste, external charger, snacks, medicine, deodorant and body spray to quickly refresh during/after the flight, make-up wipes, extra socks, a blanket/scarf, an extra outfit just in case, travel documents, and your more expensive equipment that you're not comfortable putting in your checked luggage. Usually my laptop, cameras, and any bags I'm traveling with are in my carry-on luggage.

For your checked luggage, I definitely recommend packing cubes and other luggage organizers to better organize your belongings. That's all for now!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Denim Edit

As I get older, I'm learning what pieces are worth the investment and what pieces aren't. Jeans: definitely worth the investment. From straight legs, high-waisted, flares, and cropped jeans, I've rounded up my favorites in my closet. With any of these jeans, I'm so comfortable in them because I refuse to buy any jeans that have zero stretch. (If the material says 100% cotton, it's gonna be a no for me.)

I like to make sure that when I'm investing in a pair of jeans, they're comfortable, easy to wear, and just the right wash. While these may be on the pricier side, a lot of these are sold on retailers that occasionally have Friends & Family sales, so I'd definitely keep an eye out for that!

Neiman Marcus is currently having their Friends & Family sale offering 25% off. 
Barney's offers 10% off your first order and currently offering $25 per $250 that you spend.
Take 15% off your first orders at Intermix, Rag & Bone, Frame, and Paige.
A code that currently works for Shopbop for 15% off is "SHOP15" (not sure when this expires)

Monday, April 29, 2019

Comfortable Investments: Designer Shoes

It's no secret that I have an appreciation for designer pieces. But over the years, I've learned how to become more thoughtful and mindful of my purchases, trying to make sure that it's something I'll actually wear, can go with a lot of things in my closet, and most importantly, is comfortable to wear. My younger self was convinced that being a woman, I should wear heels, learn how to walk in them, etc. I got pairs of Christian Louboutin's and as stunning as they were, I hated wearing them. I've sold the three pairs I owned and haven't looked back. 

I can't wear heels (with the exception of a decent-height block heel, the only way I can keep my balance and stand at my dream height of 5'9" lol.) So as I get older and my style gets a bit more polished over time, I'm all about making sure it's comfortable first. With a simpler wardrobe and style like mine, accessories such as bags, shoes, and jewelry are where I can throw in a little extra something something. This spring, I'm lining up my favorites that are perfect for casual days, events, and won't mind walking around in for a while. I'm all about sneakers, mules, slides, and espadrilles.

Dior D-Dior Technical Mule ($950) / Gucci Princetown Loafer ($695) / Chanel Espadrilles ($725)

Chanel Slingbacks ($875) / Gucci Princetown Loafer ($695) / Chanel Espadrilles - Lambskin ($725)

I have to admit that I do proceed with caution when it comes to the "Designer Shoe" category because when you're spending that much money on something on your feet, you don't want to wear them down. While they are comfortable enough to wear every day, my everyday shoes are still sneakers and if an outfit needs a little extra something-something, that's when I reach for one of these. Hopefully this post provides some insight/help with shopping for shoes that are closet investments. If you have any specific questions with sizing, leave them down below!