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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Resolutions with lululemon

I’m kicking off 2019 with lululemon and making sure this year focuses on being body positive, healthy, and also confident. I’ve been a fan of lululemon for a while now and especially love that I can go from running my errands to running at the gym with ease. 

My favorites are the Wunder Under Leggings, and I’ve got to admit that I already own a few pairs. These hug you in all the right places and love that it’s high waisted. My go to bra is the Free To Be Moved Bra because it keeps everything in place and also love that it’s just the right cropped length. This is also extremely comfortable when I’m doing my dance workouts too!
With the colder months, everyone is looking to bundle up and bit and the Chill Going Strong Jacket is the perfect balance between chic and sporty. You guys know I love a neutral combo so this set is the perfect outfit for me. For some additional accessories, the On The Beat Belt Bag and Purist Cycling Water Bottle great companions when I’m on the go. 

Shop my lululemon look + check out training gear here and here.

Bra | Leggings | Jacket | Belt Bag | Water Bottle

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year: 2019

A few reminders going into a brand new year. 2018 taught me a lot and although it was exhausting and difficult, it prepared me for 2019. And I've got a really good feeling about it.

It's not too late to start whatever you've been putting off.
Remember to drink your water.
Do not feel guilty about cutting people out of your life.
It's okay to have a bad day. "Nothing in nature blooms all year."
Less Ubers, more walking.
Try to limit consumption of single-use plastics.
Quality over quantity.
Be kind to people.
Appreciate and cherish time with your loved ones. Especially the elders in your life.
Remember your worth.
People don't owe you anything so don't rely too heavily on them.
Make yourself happy.
Remember why you started.
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 New York, NY, USA

Stuart Weitzman Edit

Can you tell I have a type? I have been a huge fan of Stuart Weitzman for years and my collection has definitely grown since my very first pair (the Lowland boots that I still love, by the way.) I've put together a post of the shoes in my collection with the exception of two pairs that have unfortunately already been discontinued, and a pair I've got my eye on. But hopefully in this post you'll find a pair you'll want to treat yourself to because a couple of these pairs are on sale!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 New York, NY, USA

Holiday Gift Guide: Treat Yourself 2018

Safe to say I'm all for Team #TreatYoself. Might have done a little too much of it this year, but I figured that a round up of some of my favorite additions would make for a good little "treat yourself" shopping guide. From candles to fill the home with to a cozy coat for the winter, hope you'll find something good for yourself here because you literally deserve it!

1. Aritzia Banff Scarf Narrow ($78) - Perfect to keep you warm this winter
2. Michele Deco Madison Mid Gold Diamond Watch ($2695) - Beautiful Statement Timepiece
3. Diptyque Baies Candle ($165) - My favorite Diptyque Scent
4. Burberry Long Westminster Trench Coat ($2090) - A Wardrobe Staple for Spring and Fall!
5. Vrai & Oro Pear Diamond Earrings ($470) - Perfect everyday earrings.
6. Vintage Chanel Mini Diana Flap ($2420) - Finding my Vintage Diana this year was one of my best purchases of the year!
7. Cartier Love Bracelet ($6300) - A gift from me to me to celebrate my blog's 5 year anniversary and a reminder to never stop aiming higher.
8. Aritzia Leibovitz Coat ($598) - One of the coziest coats that I own, and always get so many compliments when I wear this out.
9. West Elm Mongolian Fur Stool ($279) - Couldn't put together a guide without including one decorative piece. Been eyeing this one for over a year, just never had a spot for it in my room until now!
10. Stuart Weitzman Hiline Boots ($399 on Sale from $798) - The perfect block heeled OTK boots that make your legs look like they go on for days.
11. Chanel Zip Around Wallet - ($600) - Linked in Silver Hardware. The perfect zip around wallet that can fit most bags if you often carry mini bags like me.
12. Byredo Bal D'Afrique ($165-250) - My favorite everyday fragrance.

Monday, December 17, 2018 New York, NY, USA

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

I'll admit, this post is long overdue but because upon near completion, my post got deleted, I had to start all over again. Sigh. But anyways, I finally have for all of you the long awaited shopping guide for that special guy in your life and hopefully it's not too late. I wanted to be as thorough as possible because not all guys are the same. Some are into fashion, cars, sports, travel, but hopefully you'll find something somewhere in this post or at least are linked to something that leads to a spark of inspiration. 

The first guy I'm helping you shop for is the fashionisto. He likes to look good and knows brand names. Maybe he's got enough gizmos and gadgets but you want to add to his wardrobe a little bit. A few favorite sites of mine are linked below so if you're feeling confident, feel free to browse around these sites because I always manage to find something. If you need a bit more help, check out the items I think are perfect gifts for the holidays. 

When shopping in the fashion category, think about what he's missing from his wardrobe, what he'll love to have added to his collection. Some fashion items that I've gotten Marco over the years are listed below. He's not one to shop for any of these items on his own, but he definitely loves them and gets great use out of them.

LV Pocket Organizer. He doesn't like big and bulky wallets so this was perfect. It's got enough slots for his cards, some cash, and I even got it monogrammed with his initials. This also comes in several colors and materials so this makes for a perfect gift that he'll have for many years to come. (Starting at $385)

I got these for Marco as a birthday gift. We often attend events together, weddings, so for dressy occasions he definitely needed some shoes that could really elevate his look. Gucci loafers are a great pair since they'll always be in style and go great with casual looks and formal attire as well.

I only know about this category because after dating a car guy for almost 8 years, you've already pretty much gotten a lot of what's already on this list. Marco absolutely loves cars, that's his thing, and the list really never ends. This category has a wide price range so whether you're on a budget or not, you'll definitely be able to find something for your guy in this category. 

Besides the items linked above, you can think of a coupon or gift card to his favorite car wash, a detailing package, or if you really want to wow him, you can even book an exotic car experience. Check out Cloud 9 Living to book a driving experience in your city.

Also, quick last minute addition as suggested by Marco, the QuickJack is a great gift for every home mechanic. Don't ask me why or what, if your guy likes to work on his car at home, this is a good one. It's a portable car lift for your garage.

For the guy that loves sports, you could do a personalized jersey, tickets to a game, his favorite protein set, etc. The sports guy or fitness guy can be pretty easy to shop for if you can narrow down his favorite activities or team. Sites to check out are linked below!

Personal favorites of mine for this category are some things I've gotten Marco over the years: Tickets to a Game (I got him tickets to a Knicks game one year since he's big on basketball) Apple Watch, a new pair of Basketball Sneakers, as well as a Knicks Basketball Jacket from Nike. Just keep in mind what your guy likes and you'll be able to figure something out. Tickets to a game is always a solid choice!

Okay so if you haven't found anything yet from the above categories, I'm hoping that you can find something here. Because honestly, who doesn't love to travel or who won't find travel accessories useful at some point in their lives? 

With all the travels that Marco and I have gone on, he's definitely taken a liking to my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones so this would be a great gift for any avid traveler. We also really love our Away luggages so that would for sure be an incredible gift for him as well. If he's a bit extra, go for the Louis Vuitton Passport Holder.

I'll be honest. I had to do a bit of research for this one, but if your guy likes to cook, you should be able to find some great gifts for your guy in any of the stores linked below. Some ideas I have for the foodie are also linked below! 

For other gifts for the foodie, maybe a dinner to a Michelin Star Restaurant or a cooking class that you two can take together. I've also linked some sites below where you could find some other gifts for the foodie in your life!

This is for the guy that's into the latest gadgets, equipment, maybe even music. You can go with some camera accessories, headphones, or even concert tickets if you know that's something he'd enjoy. This category may fall into a higher price range but hopefully you'll still be able to find something here! 

Well dang. The guy has everything? Now what? Think experiences. Book a trip or a staycation. Book a spa treatment for the both of you. Plan a cute date or do something you know has been on his bucket list. I always think that if he's got everything, think outside the box and go for something that could be a memorable experience for you both. 

Check out Cloud 9 Living for experiences and then do a search in your local city for couples spa treatment packages! I always like to check Yelp for businesses and Expedia for Hotels if you want to plan a little getaway! 
I hope you guys found this gift guide helpful! I know that shopping for guys can be a pretty tricky thing so I tried to be as thorough as possible. Let me know in the comments below if anything caught your eye or was a good idea. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share below! I'd love to keep updating this guide for future reference. :)